10 Easy Tips for Keeping You Healthy in the Season

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  • Grill veggies

When it comes to eating seasonal food, grilled vegetables has always proven as a healthy feast. Simply toss the available vegetables of the season in some extra virgin olive oil. Try to have such grilled vegetables at least once in a week. In fact, you can even store these in refrigerator when they have cooled. You can eat these as an appetizer, add to the lunch roll or blend it with dinner pasta.

  • Freeze the fruits

To beat the summer heat, one of the quick fixes is to have an ice cream. The temptation for the same is also hard to resist. However, it’s time to make some healthy choices this summer. Try this alternative. Freeze the seasonal fruits. Indulge in them whenever you want a cool treat and ditch that unhealthy ice cream cone.

  • Drink, drink and drink

Summers is all about drinking up. The scorching heat of the sun automatically makes our body to demand more liquid. Though consuming maximum quantities of water always serves as the healthiest choice, still it is not harm toad flavors in your drinks in summer. Add herbs and fruits to water and refrigerate the concoction overnight.  This spectacular summer drink is known as ‘spa water’ and has been proven to hydrate and detoxify the body.

  • Use mustard instead of mayo

In order to reduce the intake of added fats and sugar, try to use mustard in place of mayo, grilled meats or ketchup. Mustard also provides meat marinades and salad dressings with a good zip.

  • Careful of what is on your plate

Though there is no scarcity of fresh fruits and vegetables especially in the summer months, still many struggle with getting healthy food on their plate. The method is simple. Simply fill half of your plate with grilled or sauté vegetables and add one fruit. Add a fist sized protein portion and put a small serving of grains. Your healthy summer meal is ready.

  • Water

Dehydration can lead to an increased risk of health illnesses as well as muscle cramps. Maintain a habit of drinking at least sixteen o of water several hours before exercising. Even during the workout, try to drink water in intervals of fifteen minutes. You can even try having sports drink during hard core and strenuous workouts.

  • Plan exercise

You must always try to include exercise in your daily routine. It is really beneficial for the overall health and fitness and your body especially in the summers when you carry heavily filled schedules. Make sure you do not miss your planned workouts or gym appointments.

  • Wear the right clothes

Wearing loosely fit and lightweight clothes in summer aids in the cooling of the body and evaporation of the sweat. Prefer wicking or cotton materials in light shades. There is nothing denying to the fact that dark colored clothes block the ultraviolet radiations of sun better. However, at the same time they also absorb or trap more heat. To avoid sunburns, do not forget to wear a good spf sunscreen and a hat.

  • Workout happily

If you do not enjoy your workout routines or the exercises include in it, then chances are that you will not stick to it. Therefore, always try to find the type of exercise you enjoy the most. You can even try to exercise with a partner for more beneficial results.

  • Avoid junk

Junk food must always be avoided especially in seasons such as summer when it’s tough for your body to digest heavy food such as the junk food. Regular consumption of such food can lead to constipation and other stomach and skin problems.

Author Bio: Simon Karen is a Canadian based nutritionist. He holds a graduation in health and nutrition. He also writes for several international health magazines.

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