3 No-No Eatables that Can Actually Make You Slim

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healthy_eatingAre you the one who is following the regimen of strict diet and intense exercises sincerely? If yes, you would surely be not eating some items that are actually known to add to your weight or fat deposits. For instance, if someone offers you chocolate, you must be saying “No! No!”, right? What if you come to know that you can eat chocolate to go slim? Well, that is surprising news, right? According to the recent studies, some No-No items can actually be your Yes-Yes choices for fighting obesity. Here are such astonishing items that can now be in your weight loss diet!


Most of us will never think of putting chocolate on our daily diet list because it is believed to increase the calorie intake. However, the latest research recommends consuming dark chocolate in moderation for getting slim safely as well as effectively.

According to the University of California, dark chocolate is a powerful ingredient that boosts metabolism at a rapid pace, which is enough to overcome its ability to increase the number of calories consumed. The experts have also found that adults consuming chocolate often have a BMI lower than those who did not, even though they were not exercising and consuming more calories.

Desserts and Fried Items

Surprised to read this sub-heading? Well, do not be, because the researchers have come up with the right time to have them without risking your health. According to them, all those who have strong cravings for fried stuff and desserts can consume these items as the first dish in the morning’s breakfast backed by lighter lunch as well as dinner.

As per the Tel Aviv University, those who eat a 600-calorie breakfast featuring also a cake can lose around 40lbs at least as compared to those having a lower calorie breakfast. Similarly, University of Alabama observed that a fried item in the breakfast supported by a lighter lunch and early evening meal could accelerate weight loss.

This is perhaps because the metabolism process works more efficiently in the morning, during which you can have all those doubtful items for satiety so that they do not trigger to bother you during the rest of the day.


High in saturated fat, coconut is one of the ignored foods by weight conscious people. However, it is now not an item to be discarded from your diet. Over 50% of saturated fat comes from lauric acid, a lipid that combats bacteria and boosts cholesterol health. As per a lipid study, coconut oil as a dietary supplement alleviates abdominal obesity.

Herein, 50% subjects consumed two tablespoons of oil every day, while the remaining had soybean oil. Although both groups observed generic weight loss, the coconut oil group observed specific reduction in their waistlines. Therefore, you can start having coconut as unsweetened flakes on salads or consume coconut milk recipes (Thai dishes use in plenty).

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The fact is that not all fats are bad although we believe that all fat-rich foods are bad for heath. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, are actually fat burners due to which you can rely upon them for losing weight. According to the experts, omega-3 fatty acids are capable of triggering the feelings of fullness and satiety, thus aiding to eat less. Several studies have concluded that omega-3 improves flow of blood to muscles due to which it gives the benefits of exercising as well as burning more calories. Well, these fats are adequately present in nuts, olives, and seeds.

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