3 Proven Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Effectively

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UntitledStretch marks are parallel lines,which develop at epidermis during pregnancy or weight training. They can be on different parts of the body like shoulders, abdomen, thighs and other parts of the body as well.These marks may be a result of the hormonal alterations.

If you have white lines or silver lines this clearly signifies that these are older stretch marks and may take longer time to vanish. To succeed in the Stretch Mark Removalprocess you need to have a protective and well researched skin care regime,which is monitored by an expert. These stubborn signs will vanish, if you follow the instructions of skin expert.

A lot of women handle it by themselves rather than opting for a surgical treatment; this kind of treatment is costly as well as need many sessions to overcome the marks. This treatment may include laser treatment, which is completed in many sessions and will cost you a fortune.

If you have stretch marks and don’t wish to go out for the treatment, no problem you can also eliminate those marks at home by following the underwritten methods.

 Castor Oil

Castor oil is also known as the healing oil for its various medicinal properties. It is one of the best natural treatments for stretch marks. Massage with castor oil at the affected part and cover the stretch marks with a plastic sheet. Then apply some heat by using a heating pad or hot water bottle for not less than 30 minutes. You haveto continue this process for more than 15 days before you will find some noticeable change in the stretch marks. This is a simple and do it yourself process but has wonderful results. Although the recovery may vary from person to person but this is natural treatment without any side effects.

You may also find some local herbs useful in the same; you can add those in the castor oil or apply individually. Aloe Vera gel fits the bill and this and has proven it medicinal properties.

Sunscreen Lotions

Another important thing is to stay away from direct sunlight as it may worsen the condition to make the marks look darker and uglier. If you touch the stretch marks you will find that the skin layer is stretched in such a way that it is broken. People often lose confidence when they have stretch marks. So it is also advised to cover the body when moving out or specially the effected part. And use sunscreen lotions and this will protect the condition from worsening. Follow the simple method and these marks will vanish with time and you will hesitate to go on beach.


Some of the Stretch Mark Removal creams contain 100 % natural ingredients. While choosing Stretch mark removal cream you need to be aware on its ingredients, it should be formulated with powerful ingredients, glycolic acid and moisturizers to vanish stretch mark without harming your skin. Glycolic acid works well against pregnancy stretch marks. Experts suggest taking glycolic acid along with vitamin C in a prescribed quantity lowers the appearance of stretch marks. These ingredients will remove the marks without leaving any adverse effects in your skin. Keep in mind to stay away from ingredients like peptides and cocoa butter, because these ingredients will harm you skin and they‘ve never been a proven solution for treating stretch marks in skin. Apply a real good stretch mark removal cream against the stretch marks not less than two times a day and within days you will feel the difference. But before applying a cream make sure it is from a reputable company. Creams give noticeable results in comparison with other dermatological procedure, which requires lots of money and the process is time consuming also.

Author’s bio: stretch marks can vanish if you apply the right method. Persons suffering from these marks should not go out in the sun as sunlight will further worsen the condition. Older marks become stubborn and take longer time to vanish.

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