3 Resources To Help You Learn To Sing

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3 Resources to Help You Learn to SingEveryone loves music and almost everyone loves to sing. Some people are natural warblers who can sing like nightingales. Others enjoy music but cannot carry a tune in a bucket. Those who are serious about their singing can take vocal lessons to improve their voices.


Do you want to learn how to sing? You may be hesitant to take singing lessons because you are uncomfortable singing for someone else. Perhaps you just want to develop your own, unique style. Here are three resources to help you make the most of your singing voice.


Become a Singing Master


Become a Singing Master is a free online resource for people who want to teach themselves to sing. The founder created the site to help you find your individual singing voice. Learning to sing can be a challenge, and this site or a private tutor offers singing guidance to help you accomplish your goal of singing.


Become a Singing Master is chock full of free articles, singing tips, vocal exercises and other resources that can teach you to sing. Enjoy video lessons from Roger Burnley, a celebrity vocal coach, and Brett Manning, who developed The Singing Success Program. For more information, visit http://www.become-a-singing-master.com.


How to Sing School


How to Sing School is a website based on 40 years of professional singing experience. Zelda Sheldon, the site’s founder, is a celebrity vocal coach Her singing guidance and solid techniques can teach you how to sing like a star.


Although Sheldon encourages people to book a lesson, her site includes feature articles and a blog with helpful posts. It also offers a free mini-course with tips on how to avoid some of the biggest singing mistakes. For more information about How to Sing School, visit http://howtosingschool.com.


Your Personal Singing Guide


Your Personal Singing Guide was created in 2007 to help you improve your voice and become a better vocalist. Aaron Matthew Lim, the site’s founder, is a music instructor and vocal coach with many years of education and experience. Lim offers singing guidance to people around the world, and he aims to inspire you to pursue your dreams.


Your Personal Singing Guide instructs you on the basics of singing. The resource includes breathing exercises, vocal warm-ups and exercises, pitching exercises, ear training, voice care and more. A personal blog enables you to journal about your singing, and a newsletter provides a monthly dose of singing tips, exercises and more. To start learning how to sing, visit http://www.your-personal-singing-guide.com.




When you learn how to sing without lessons, your improvement may be slower than if you studied with a vocal coach. You must practice daily, because repetition is the only way to make progress. Without a teacher, you miss regular feedback and motivation. Fortunately, these online resources can help you learn to sing with virtual guidance.

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