3 Ways to Fight Periodontal Disease

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3 Ways to Fight Periodontal DiseasePeriodontal disease is a form of gum disease caused by the body’s natural response to bacteria. Gums gradually pull away from teeth creating pockets that provide an even safer haven for plaque and bacteria to congregate. Symptoms that start with inflammation around the tooth and gums ends with the body breaking down bone and the connective tissues designed to hold teeth in place. Besides professional cleaning, there are three main ways to fight periodontal disease.

1 Daily Brushing And Flossing

Since the primary culprit of gum disease is oral bacteria, it stands to reason that the first line of the defense is good oral hygiene. Daily brushing removes the majority of plaque on the teeth and gums. It is important to use the right bristle strength and proper brushing techniques, however. Brushing one’s tongue and cheeks are added measures that remove odor causing bacteria known as halitosis. According to a prominent¬†general dentist in St Louis,¬†replacing one’s toothbrush every three months also cuts down on a person’s oral bacterial load.

Bacteria often feed on decaying material found below the gum line where tooth brushes do not effectively reach. Daily flossing helps to keep gums healthy by removing debris and plaque from between teeth. Without this crucial step in oral hygiene, plaque starts to harden into tartar which is only effectively removed by professional cleaning.

2 Antibacterial Mouth Rinse

Even though manual plaque removal methods like brushing and flossing go a long way in eliminating the debris that bacteria feed upon, a great way to eliminate bacterial growth throughout the entire mouth is by rinsing with a fluoride free, antiseptic mouthwash. This step is most effective when conducted after brushing and flossing.

3 Maintain a Cultured, Antioxidant Rich Diet

Periodontal disease worsens because of the body’s immune response to bacteria so it stands to reason that any dietary changes that eliminate the bacteria or renders them ineffective is a first line of dietary defense. Those who want to prevent or treat periodontal disease start by introducing large amounts of good bacteria to completely overwhelm the bad bacteria that trigger the body’s immune response that will ruin a gorgeous smile. One can do this by eating more cultured food items like certain yogurts, kefir, or kimchi. Additionally, fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants like vitamin C help the body to repair connective tissue damage


It is absolutely critical to be vigilant in practicing the above steps to fight periodontal disease effectively because no one wants their beautiful smile to become a casualty of the oral hygiene war against bacteria.

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