4 Signs It Might Be Time To Go To The Dentist

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faqs_spacersThe large majority of us dread visiting the dentists office. It takes valuable time out of our busy schedules, the expense is usually considerable, and there is the obvious discomfort that comes with the experience. Putting off the visit as long as possible is typical for most people. However, things can quickly get to the point that you have no choice other than to go in to deal one problem or another. Below are four signs that a trip to the dentist is in your future. Should you have any of the following symptoms, then it is time to make an appointment.


Gums that Bleed


Bleeding gums can be an early waring sign for a large number of dental problems. Typically, gums that bleed during flossing and brushing indicate the onset of gum disease. This condition can quickly worsen, leading to tissue damage and a serious degradation of the underlying support system for your teeth. A tooth can be capped or replicated. Gums, on the other hand, cannot be replaced. Other indicators of gum disease include extremely bad breath, severe mouth pain, and tooth loss.


Dry Mouth


This is another symptom that can be the result of a number of different conditions. Anything from prescription medications to the normal processes that come with advanced age can cause dry mouth. In addition, dry mouth can be the result of a compromised immune system. While these things are not directly related to oral health, persistent dry mouth will cause your oral health to quickly decline. Tooth and gum decay will advance more rapidly in these conditions than they will in an oral environment where there is a healthy presence of saliva and other liquids.


A Dreaded Sore


Canker sores are not uncommon, and they will typically heal in a few days or more. There are cases, however, in which these sores will not heal, causing a considerable amount of pain. This symptom is an indicator of a more serious problem that should be investigated further by a dentist. Canker sores of this kind can also be accompanied by a fever and persistent pain.


Chronic Pain


General pain in the gums or in teeth are also distinct signs that trouble is brewing. When pain is persistent and bothersome in a tooth, for instance, there could be a cavity present or the enamel may be quickly eroding from the tooth surface. While these problems are minor, there are certainly more serious medical conditions that start with dull aches or irregular, sharp oral pain.


Pain and discomfort are always good motivators for getting us into the dentist’s chair. If you want to handle problems before they get to this point, then it is a good idea to subscribe to annual reminders that most dentist office send out using companies such as 123 postcards. With these reminders, you will stay on schedule with checkups and cleanings so that revealing your smile will never be a task that causes you pain.

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