4 Ways To Teach Your Children To Be Safe Around Water

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4 Ways To Teach Your Children To Be Safe Around WaterSpending time as a family by the water can be a great time for everyone. Without extreme care, it can also cause a horrible accident, especially when children are involved. Even if you are a watchful parent, it only takes a second for them to get away. Before you take your children to the pool or beach, make sure you teach them these four lessons in water safety.


1. Never swim alone.


Taking a quick dip in the pool may seem like a great way for some alone time, but this mistake can be fatal. It doesn’t take long for drowning to occur. If an accident does occur, the other person can pull them from the pool or run for help. Having a person there who can act fast could save their life.


2. Know signs of drowning.


Even though it is a popular game at the pool, teach them to never have breathing contests under the water. Children use Hollywood’s definition when they think of drowning victims. They may think signs of drowning are splashing and waving hysterically underwater. However, the first step of oxygen deprivation is passing out. When they do that underwater, they can’t come up for air and water fills the lungs. The sad thing is nobody even knows what’s going on.


3. Use safety gear.


Get them familiar with safety equipment and their uses. Always make sure emergency floatation devices are nearby and instruct them how to use them if necessary. Even if you plan on being at the pool with them, make sure they can at least get the floatation device to someone in the water or tell them where to get help. It may be you involved in the accident! Be sure everyone knows how to lock up the pool area or replace any outdoor jacuzzi covers. Make sure older children know how important it is to keep younger children away from water unattended.


4. Follow rules.


When they are on a boat, tell them to always wear a floatation device. Even though they may balk at this claiming they swim well, let them know that life jackets have been known to save people in many situations. They help keep people from being pulled under by strong currents. They also keep exhausted or unconscious swimmers afloat until help can arrive.


Summertime memories are made in the water. Be sure your children are aware of the danger. This can prevent many horrible accidents from occurring.

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