5 Benefits of Post Surgical Physical Therapy

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images (42)If surgery is a solution to repair your body or to cure a life-threatening ailment, you need to look at the whole thing not as a burden, but as a second chance. With that second chance comes a responsibility. This is why physical therapy is so imperative. After surgery, your body will be reeling from the trauma of being under the knife and from being in an immobile state, so it is critical to reverse that muscular and skeletal atrophy by working closely with a rehabilitative counselor. Your therapist will help you build muscle mass, endurance and he or she will help you recover faster. Here are five benefits of post surgical physical therapy.

1.  Reduces the pain and discomfort after surgery. After a major procedure, you will definitely be in pain from the actual surgery, but you may also experience joint pain and other discomfort from being off your feet for such a long time. Though it may be uncomfortable when you start moving your muscles again, it’s important for you to try. The longer you stay bed bound, the worse it is for your condition. So, it is critical that you spend some time with a physical therapist to get on your feet, stretch and practice becoming mobile again.

2.  It can shorten the recovery time. Indeed, visiting a physical therapist can cut down the time of your recovery. This time is most likely incredibly valuable to you: you can get back to your life, family, work and friends. By not visiting a physical therapist, you could actually lengthen the recovery process – you could even pull a muscle or cause an injury to the surgical area. By working with a rehabilitative counselor, you can learn all of the methods you need to heal faster.

3.  You can strengthen your muscles. Working with a physical therapist is sort of like working with a personal instructor at a gym. Your post-operative counselor will work closely with you to do repetitions of certain exercises – to build muscle mass in certain parts of your body and in important muscle groups. While you were recovering in a hospital bed, there is a good chance that your muscles suffered from atrophy, so you want to find a way to build your muscles back up without lengthening your recovery time. Anyone who is bedbound for an extended period of time is going to be weak. This is why physical therapy is important because it allows your to regain strength. Your physical therapist will create a unique fitness regime for this exact purpose.

4.  Learn all the basics. If you have had a particularly traumatic injury, like an injury to the brain, there is a good chance that some basic functions were taken away. Some people need to learn how to walk again. If this is the case, it is critical that you work with a physical therapist to bring your balance back and to get walking again. This may take a while so it’s important you keep motivating yourself

5. Get back to normal. Most surgeons will require that you jump into some form of physical therapy almost immediately after surgery. This will allow you to get back to normal as soon as possible. If you wait it out, you could find yourself suffering from depression and worsening pain. Prolonging the physical therapy will not work in your benefit. Your muscles will deteriorate by doing this. In the end, the quicker you get back the normal, the faster you can get back to doing all the things you love doing.

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