5 Emergency Supplies You Should Always Keep In The Car

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5 Emergency Supplies You Should Always Keep In The CarDrivers must be prepared when traveling on the roads. This means keeping the car in good condition and driving responsibly. It also means preparing for an accident or emergency. Drivers should always keep five emergency supplies in the car.


First Aid Kit


Every car should have a first aid kit in the trunk or glove compartment. The first aid kit is useful for treating minor injuries that might result from changing a tire or a low-speed collision. It can save lives if the car runs off the road or is in a serious accident. The kit also normally contains supplies like tape or cotton that could be useful in other situations.




It is best to keep two or more blankets in the car at all times. They should be heavy and durable. Blankets can provide warmth if the car is stuck on the side of the road for a long time. They can also be used as a soft mat when working under a car or kneeling on the road. Drivers could use a blanket as protection from the rain. Blankets have many uses and should always be in the car.


Snacks and Water


A serious emergency like engine failure could leave the driver and passengers stranded for hours. It might even take until the next morning for help to arrive if an emergency occurs at night. Every car should have at least a one-gallon container of clean water. Additionally, some snacks such as sealed packs of crackers should be in the car. This will prevent dehydration and hunger while waiting for assistance.


Flashlights and Flares


Light sources are very important items to have in a car. A flashlight will provide illumination if the car battery dies at night. It is also helpful for looking under or inside of the car when assessing a problem or performing repairs. Flares illuminate the area around the car and prevent other drivers from hitting the vehicle. Flares make it easier for police, ambulances or roadside assistance to find the car.


Tire Repair Supplies


Flat tires are a common emergency every driver should prepare for. The car should contain a working spare tire and a tire iron. Drivers should use a tire size calculator to determine the correct size for the spare. Drivers should carry tire sealant as well. The sealant will close holes or tears quickly if more than one tire fails. These emergency supplies make it possible to drive to the nearest garage.


Emergencies on the road are very serious. Drivers need to take proactive steps to get to safety and to contact help. Drivers should not hesitate to use emergency supplies immediately if an accident occurs.

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