5 Keys To A Happy Mouth

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Maintaining a healthy mouth is not only important for dental health, it is important for the entire body’s health. Parents can teach their children healthy dental habits at a young age to give them an excellent foundation for entering into their teen and adult years with great hygiene habits. These good habits can provide multiple benefits that will last a lifetime.


1. Maintain Good Morning and Evening Dental Habits


Dentists recommend people brush and floss in the morning and in the evening. It is also recommended for people to brush and floss after an afternoon meal if it is possible. If a person is able to brush and floss three times a day, this can have an enormous impact on keeping bacteria out of the mouth.


2. Spend an Adequate Amount of Time Brushing


Because many people lead very busy lives, the amount of time the average person spends brushing their teeth is not considered long enough by dentists. Many people brush for one minute or less and this is typically not enough time to cleanse the teeth thoroughly and to remove plaque that is slowly built up over time. To maintain a healthy mouth, consider spending three to four minutes each time you brush your teeth.


3. See a Dentist Twice a Year


Any general dentist in Baton Rouge will recommend people make a commitment to visit a dentist twice a year. During these visits, deep cleaning activities help patients to maintain healthy mouths that also provide good gum health. Great gum health promotes overall wellness for the entire body.


4. Exchange Sugary Drinks for Healthier Drinks


People who are in the habit of drinking sugary drinks often get less than great check-ups when they go to the dentist. Sugary drinks typically include soft drinks, energy drinks and artificially flavored drinks that pose as juice imitations. Exchanging these beverages for water, green tea and 100 percent fruit juices is a great way to make teeth a lot happier because sugar erodes through teeth and causes cavities and poor dental health.


5. Try to Use Natural Painkillers When Possible


Many prescription pain killers cut down on the saliva flow in the mouth and this can lead to an unhappy mouth. Saliva is necessary for washing away bacteria and any food particles that remain in the mouth after a person eats. Using natural painkillers in the form of nutrition is recommended.

 5 Keys To A Happy Mouth

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