5 Mascara Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

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Mascara is one of those specifically feminine accoutrements that is generally believed to enhance natural beauty. However, this is not always the case. Many women have sworn off the stuff altogether. Here are the top five reasons why – and how to counter them.

  • My lashes are falling off!

Stop whatever you’re doing, go to your beauty kit and throw away that mascara. It’s as simple as that. Mascara is not supposed to make your eye lids go bald, but yours apparently is – for whatever reason. Might be its formula or the fact that it’s gone dry. Try going mascara-free for a while, use primer and a topcoat mascara for protection, then invest in a nutrient rick formula for the regeneration of your lashes.

  • My lashes are now straight and pointed

Women use mascara to enhance the intensity of their gaze. They want their eye lashes to have volume, curl up naturally and generally work as a seduction tool. The problem with some mascara formulas is that they straighten out lashes. In order to counter this effect, you could start using a lash curler, but the problem with those is that they can cause massive lash fall-out. We recommend looking for a brand of mascara with a curl-up effect. These usually come with a curved brush, which will enhance the natural length of your lashes.

  • My old mascara is not working anymore

How can it be that you good old, trusted brand of mascara once made you look like a fluttering princess and now clumps up, leaves your lashes brittle, or simply doesn’t look like it’s there anymore? The first and most obvious tip is for you to check the expiry date on the bottle. If you’re still safe within the terms of expiry, then your brand of choice was probably not that good to begin with. What has happened is that your mascara has dried out. Some formulas are specifically designed to nourish the hair of the lashes and make them smooth and silky – while others are not. Feel free to use primer, which will protect your lashes from the more toxic substances in most mascara formulas.

  • I hate mascara because it smudges

Yes, cheap mascara will smudge. However, it can often happen that mascara smudges occur as an effect of improper application techniques. No, putting on mascara is not brain surgery, but there’s a right way to do it, in contrast with about a hundred wrong ones. The trick is to open your eyes as widely as possible, look up, then start at the root of the lashes. Wiggle the brush left and right as you make your way toward the end of the hairs. Never start in the middle or at the end, as this increases the odds of clumping. Also, very importantly, if your lashes are naturally long, or if you plan on applying mascara to the lower lashes, always place a paper tissue underneath the area you’re applying to.

  • My mascara doesn’t stay on

Many women will complain that the biggest trouble with mascara is that it needs to be reapplied every other half hour or so. Our answer: if your mascara is running, smudging, or simply no longer looking like you ever applied any, it’s probably best if you changed brands, or at least switched to some good waterproof mascara. Aside from the issue of poor quality, some mascara formulas don’t hold out in very humid weather, which is what causes runniness, as well as the dreaded ‘raccoon eyes’ look. Shop around for a mascara that will even hold out underwater and you’ve solved that issue.

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