5 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Summer

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5 Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy This SummerThe eyes are most abused part of the body even though it does not exert any physical strength. Every day the eyes are exposed to multiple kinds of stress and pollution. They are the most important sensory organ of the body since they serve a lot of purpose for the human being. Without the eyes it would be difficult to do things on our own. But, sad to say, even though the eyes suffer from stress, people usually would take the eyes for granted and sometimes would not take any effort to pamper them.

During summer season, the eyes are dehydrated due to too much heat and improper diet. Everything that we do affects the eyes a lot. The percentage of having eye disorders or problems has increased since people are more convenient to do things with technology. People should always consider these simple ways to keep their eyes healthy even under heavy stress.
Ways to keep the eyes healthy.

• Protect the eyes

Wear sun glasses or eyeglasses when going out to beach or to work. UV light protector shades are recommended to stand the light reflection of the sun. It is also advisable to wear eye wear shades when watching television, working in front of a computer, and when strolling around the mall. Too much heat can cause eye cataracts that may lead to a more serious damage if not prevented.

• Rest the eyes

Let the eyes rest using the 20/ 20/ 20 vision rule. For 20 minutes, rest the eyes by taking a quick nap or break from the computer work. Then for 20 second, blankly stare on something in about 20 feet of distance away. This will allow the eyes to refocus, relax, and prevent blurry vision to occur.

• Hydrate the eyes

Saline eye solution is the best remedy for symptoms of irritated eyes. If the symptoms of irritated eyes such as sandy feeling, burning pain, or stinging feeling in the eyes are experienced, it is best to consult an eye doctor for this may indicate underlying eye disorders.

• Pamper the eyes

Sooth the eyes using 2 slices of fresh cucumber and place these upon the ocular area. The cucumber provides a cool sensation that allows dilation of the veins in the eyes, which promotes proper circulation and relieves pressure in the eyes.

• Take vitamins

According to experts at the kutryb eye center in Titusville FL, vitamins are supplements to the nutritional needs of the eyes. Vitamin A is one of the most essential vitamins needed for a bright eye sight. This will keep the eyes healthy, enabling them to sustain stress by decreasing the chances of having a blur vision.

The eyes are considered the opening window to a person`s feelings and personality. But unhealthy eyes are another story that needs to be attended immediately. Always keep in mind that without the eyes, we can never enjoy what summer has to offer. Enjoy the summer season by protecting the eyes from the summer heat using these simple remedies and always take time to visit an ophthalmologist to provide more attention and care to the deeper needs of your eyes.

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