7 Basic Infant Care Tips on How to Take Care of Your Baby

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take care of your baby

The real meaning and happiness comes to your life when a baby comes to your life. Infants are cute and small newborns who need help and care of parents for anything to everything. You should give utmost care and attentions to your cute and most valuable asset or gift. Infant care becomes so easy, interesting and best form of entertainment when you learn about the basic needs of your infant and how the serve them. Here are 7 important steps that make you free from the question how to care for infants.

Milk for infants

There is no doubt that infants grow very quickly. You have to provide sufficient milk for your infant. It is better to given the newborn only breast milk for first 4 to 5 months. Mother milk is rich in proteins, mineral and vitamins that is required for the baby. Moreover breast milk assures good growth of immune system in the body. Make sure that as a mother you know all factors about the feeding breast milk and when you use bottled milk.

Dirtying up diapers – Be happy it is the result of eating

When you find your infant dirtying up diapers, never get worried. Instead be happy that it is the result of eating. But make sure that you remove the dirty diapers within no time. Be sure that you have sufficient diapers and inserts for cloth diaper to keep your infant cleans. You may need at least 8 to 10 diapers everyday for the first six weeks.

Use quality inserts for cloth diaper

Never take a chance on the care of your infant. Make sure that you are using quality inserts for cloth diaper. It should not make any feel of itching or irritation for the baby. It should assure silky and soft experience for the baby.

No need of regular bath

Most of the newborn do not skip on the floor and crawl on dirt. In most of the time they will in the clean and soft blankets. Hence, there is no need to take bath for your infant every day. But it is a good idea to use and change then insert for cloth diaper and to wipe down the diaper area. This keeps your baby so clean and sanitary. You can follow a gentle bath in the night to help the infant to feel relaxed and to sleep better.

No need of toys

New born infants can see far and they will not show interest on toys. At the same time they like to see the people and faces. Hence, make sure that you keep maximum interaction with your infant than providing toys. If you love to buy toys, then go for the same that are contrasting like white blocks with red dots and soft black.

Umbilical cord care

Don’t think umbilical cord care is unpleasant. It is necessary to take care of umbilical cord each time when you change the baby diaper and inserts for cloth diaper. When changing the diaper, make sure that you are not tugging or pulling the umbilical cord.

Good sleep in must for new babies and parents

Sleep is so important for both the new babies and new parents. New babies have to sleep minimum of 16 hours a day and they usually sleep in frequent intervals. But there is no need to get frustrated since babied needs food every 2 to 4 hours.

These are the important 7 steps to care your infants. Just utilise them and your baby will thank you for it.

Author bio: Elena is a young mother of a new born baby who is just 2 months. She love spending time with her baby and recommends using inserts for cloth diaper due to its health benefits and reliability. Also in her free time she writes for http://www.babybeduga.com/



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