A Step towards Foot Orthotics

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The way you place your foot on the ground while or running is considered important. Foot supination or pronations are two movements that occur because of the flexibility of the arches and ligaments of the foot. You should have shoes or footwear that supports your arches to keep your foot function intact.

Five Things To Consider When Choosing a Surgeon

Foot movements help in absorbing the shock that comes from the ground while you propel yourself forward during walking. It is considered important because if it isn’t normal, you can cause damage to your foot which is irreversible.

How to purchase running shoes?

If you are a beginner to purchasing shoes for running or work out purposes, you should get yourself familiarized by the way the foot movements occur. The shoe that you decide to buy should be comfortable and provide stability to your foot. The shoe should allow motion, but avoid excess exertion. Here are a few other rules you should keep in mind –

1) Buy shoes from a branded running shoe store. Don’t go for cheap or second hand shoes. Do not compromise with respect to quality because it might cost you in a long run.

2) You can carry your old shoes with you. You can make a better decision looking at where your old shoes have worn out the most. If it’s a specific area, then you can go for a shoe that provides maximum support on that area. Also, do shop for shoes during afternoon time; because your feet are the right running size during afternoons.

3) Don’t go for the most expensive shoe. It is not always true that the costliest item is the best. Make a note of your comfort level before you buy.

4) To judge the right size, carry your running socks along as well. Wear the socks when trying out shoes to check for maximum comfort and fit.

5) While buying shoes, don’t go for the ones that are extremely tight. Little snugly that give you a goof fit is fine. Make sure you have some pace to wiggle your toes too.

Types of running shoes

When you go shopping, you might find different types of shoes. Here are some types and their importance –

1) Support shoes – These shoes are for people with low or no medial arch. Such shoes provide extra support to people who are flat footed. It helps them run and at the same time protecting their foot from damage.

2) Trail shoes – These shoes are meant for running on a rough surface. Used mainly for trekking like activities. These aren’t ideal for gym work outs.

Other shoes that are mainly for over pronators are called as light weight shoes or motion shoes. These protect the ligaments and soft structures inside the foot by allowing smooth movement of bones and muscles. You need to decide what pair of shoes is ideal for you before you step out shoe shopping. Keep these key points in mind next time you are purchasing shoes for yourself.

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