Advances in Cosmetics with Sculptra Aesthetic

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The benefit of cosmetic procedures and surgeries being connected to the medical field is that there are always new and exciting advances in the field.  These help us look and feel even better than we once thought we could, for less time, and less expense than was previously available.  One of the newest advances in this field is the Sculptra Aesthetic injection.  This revolutionary cosmetic option is changing the way the practice operates and helping millions of men and women lead more confident and youthful lives.


What is it and is it for me?


Sculptra Aesthetic is a series of injections that gradually fills crevices or wrinkles underneath the skin, giving you a more youthful and aesthetic appearance.  If you are looking for a quick fix or to change your appearance overnight, Sculptra Aesthetic is not for you.  However, if you want something long lasting that can produce subtle results over a period of time, and then this treatment is just what you’re seeking.  This cosmetic treatment is given in about three different sessions over a few months, and has been known to last over two years.  Sculptra Aesthetic is an injectable cosmetic treatment that contains poly-L-lactic acid.  This replaces lost collagen in the body, which makes it possible for the treatment to fill in shallow or deep facial folds and wrinkles.  Many doctors have used poly-L-acid for several decades.  It is a safe and biodegradable substance.


So, why is Collagen Important?


Collagen is a substance naturally created by the body.  It is essential to the structure of the skin and other tissues.  As we age, the body decreases collagen production causing wrinkles and other signs of aging.  Sculptra Aesthetic works to increase collagen production to replace what the body has lost and to fill in wrinkles.  The number of injections varies by patient.  After several treatments, your face will look fuller and be restored to its youthful appearance.


More about Treatment


A trained Sculptra doctor should only give treatments.  Injections are given in the folds between the nose and the mouth, also known as the smile lines.  It can also be given in the chin wrinkles and the lines that frame the mouth.  Injections should be given at least three weeks apart.  Each patient can have up to four injections in each area.  When performed correctly, the results can last over two years.


Post Injection Instructions


After you have had a treatment session of Sculptra Aesthetic, there are a few instructions your doctor will have you follow.  Swelling is common after each session, and therefore, it is recommended that ice be applied for up to ten minutes, several different times in the first 24 hours.  Massaging the treated area for five minutes, up to five times a day for five days is also recommended.  It is important to remember to protect your skin from excessive sunlight and UV exposure until the redness and swelling subside.  Your treating physician will discuss the use of sunscreen with you.


If you are ready to learn more about the Sculptra Aesthetic procedure and if you think it may be right for you, contact Khrom Dermatology.


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