An Introduction To Drug Safety

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Today with the advancement of technology, modern sciences have also grown leaps and bounds. Modern day drugs are very effective and can be regarded as a life saver. They have improved the life of millions and have also increased life expectancy. But as we all know there are two sides of a coin the drugs can sometimes also have adverse effects. Sometimes these drugs can be life threatening due to their side effects.

What is drug safety?

Drug safety also known as Pharmacovigilance is a science which is related to assessment, prevention and monitoring of pharmaceutical products. Whenever a drug is launched in the market there is a strong need of monitoring the effects of medicine and even after it is tested successfully. Drug safety includes assessing and monitoring of quality of drugs and even preventing and detecting any side effects of drugs. Drug safety also involves appraising information provided by pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and patients in order to understand the benefits and risks involved with that specific drug.

Objectives of drug safety

There are four main objectives of drug safety, which are

1.       Monitoring the drug quality

2.       Identifying the risks related to health in the administration of drugs

3.       Research for drug efficiency and

4.       Preventing harm to patients

How drug pharmacovigillance help manufacturers and public?

Public is not aware of what medicine and treatment they are being provided by doctors and medical shops. They will consume what they will get from their practitioners to get relief from their sufferings. Thus, drug safety help in saving thousands of souls every year. By monitoring the side effects of drugs, since they are in labs until they reach pharmacy and they keep on monitoring. It keeps track of the any extreme effect. This way it helps in protecting life of many people.

Not only people but pharmacovigillance also assist manufacturers. These companies spend millions of and considerably a very long time in developing drugs. Again, they have to spend huge amount of money in conducting trials before the drugs are agreed and commenced in the markets. After all this if there are adverse effects related to that Drug, Company is going to lose a huge sum once again in litigation and sales. Furthermore, one of the most important things which company is going to lose is the reputation.  Drug safety will monitor drug development at all the stages and will keep on assessing its effectiveness not only when it is launched but also in the future for many years. This way it provides great assistance to manufacturers and the public.

It has such major role to play it requires an effective methodology which ensures safety. Different companies have different methods to detect problems. Over the past few years there has been a constant shift in the standards of drug safety.

Author Bio – Genelia has worked with a number of medical labs and gained in-depth knowledge about safety drugs. She shares her knowledge about Northwest pharmacy through articles and blogs.

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