Answered: Common Questions Regarding Hair Transplants

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images (65)Hair loss has been a common issue throughout the ages. In the past, it was ignored, or treated with herbs and oils which often did not work. As a result, wigs and headgear came into popularity to camouflage the issue, and were commonly worn among those with hair loss.

Today, however, the advances in modern science, biology and physics have made it possible for anyone to opt for hair transplants. In fact, just like common dental prosthetics, hip joints and breast implants, hair transplants are being seen as a lifestyle necessity. This is why they are today becoming increasingly common. In fact, a common myth is that modern lifestyles are causing hair loss, leading to an increase in hair transplant procedures. The truth is, hair loss has been a common ailment since the earliest of times – it is only now that hair transplants offer a permanent solution to this problem.

What causes hair loss?

While the blame tends to land on pollution and poor water filtration, the truth is that a large amount of hair fall issues result from genetic or hormonal issues, poor diet, and chemical imbalances as a result of prescription medication.

What exactly is hair transplantation surgery?

The best treatment for hair loss is certainly hair transplantation. While a variety of other treatments (including medication and herbal solution) may address minor issues that cause hair loss, hereditary hair loss may make it necessary to opt for transplantation. The surgery entails transplanting the follicles of the patient’s hair from the donor area (hair just above the neck) into the target area.

How does one maintain this hair?

This is natural hair – which means you treat it like your own hair, not an artificial implant. The new hair needs regular washing, shampooing, conditioning and trimming.

How much time does the surgery take?

The word “surgery” is associated with long, painful procedures that take time. However, Hair transplantation is a quick procedure where the recipient area heals rapidly. This is because only the superficial layer of the skin is worked upon.

Is it painful?

Hair transplant procedures are not at all painful. Not only is the anesthesia administered carefully, but the advances in modern surgical science have made surgery that is largely painless – before, during and after the operation, possible,

Is it expensive?

Costs may vary but the large demand for cosmetic surgery, and easy access to surgical equipment have all made it highly affordable.

Should I get it done in a cheaper country?

While many consider leaving the country and undertaking medical tourism journeys to cheaper nations for this treatment, it is highly advised against. This is because the brief post-operative care requires you to be in a clean, comfortable environment that you are familiar with, lest you need access to emergency procedures.

Is it safe?

In the hands of expert doctors, it is completely safe. There are a variety of safeguards that doctors take. These include extensive pre-surgery counselling, advice about the post-surgical care, and constant medical attention after the procedure has been finalized.

How do I find a doctor for hair transplantation?

While Australia’s great thrust on science and math has produced many qualified medical experts, theDr Ray Woods Hair Transplantmethod is recognized among the most effective and painless procedure available in the country today. Dr. Ray Woods is recognized across the country for his innovations in the technique of Follicular Unit Extraction, which have made the procedure fast, pain-free and highly effective.  It is advisable to read up on his work, the recognition he has received from both patients and the medical community, and the glowing testimonials his practice has garnered.


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