Benefits of Astragalus Root

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astragalus rootHealing and preventative medicine as approached by the Chinese is incredibly unique and is rapidly gaining popularity around the world as many people turn to Traditional Chinese Medicine for a natural natural alternative to traditional medicine. One of the primary reasons is that people run much less risks when using this type of holistic medication as especially when held in contrast to conventional medication.  Chine has preserved some of the oldest science of mankind. Wisdom is held with respect within the culture. I believe it is worthwhile for those of us raised in western culture to study the eastern roots of the medical technology we use today.

Astragalus root is one of these interventions that is held in a place of respect in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries in and is often prescribed by naturalists as: a restorative tonic, it can be used on its own or in combination with other herbs to help slow aging, improve energy, and is used to stimulate the immune system during harsh weather conditions.

As a medical solution in the eastern world hospitals prescribe and even inject it because of its effectiveness in treating the common cold, blood disorders, cancer and HIV/AIDS. It is also considered a stress control agent, being very potent in controlling mental, physical and even emotional stress. Astragalus is often utilized to support and promote healing in the immune system, liver, and cardiovascular system.

There is however very little research to confirm that it has any consistent benefit in preventing the leading cause of death in the world today, heart disease. In the Western world there is a call for more research before experts can make any firm recommendations about using Astragalus for its heart benefits. This root is also undergoing extensive testing for its benefits in treating breast cancer, the common cold, hepatitis, and lung cancers.

Some of the preliminary studies suggest a likely benefit. There is still more medical research needed to understand if Astragalus can be a helpful solution when compared to and/or in tandem with other health solutions.

Evidence shows this is one of those naturally potent materials that most people would consider a miracle herb. It has made its way into the market with a big bang:  Among the few materials used both in the medical fraternity- doctors have injections that use Astragalus for extreme cases but it is also available as an over the counter pill or as a supplement used to boost antioxidants and immune booster.

There is a lot of research material already available about this plant and more to come. The mystery of the herb is that it has history dating as far back as the sixteenth century. Yet still till to date no one is is fully confident of Astragalus Roots consistent effectiveness in healing and preventative medicine.

For Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners, this is is a very rare and potent herb. It is used most often for extreme ‘clinical’ cases  like a western drug. At the same time it is used in very low concentrations  for general health and aging benefits in cooking and teas.

Twenty-first century western medicine has its reservations on Astragalus root that are quite well founded. Being an immune booster makes it possible to inter-act with other medicine intended to lower immunity (such as in organ transplant scenarios when immunity needs to be lowered to avoid organ rejection by new host). Its ability to control stress also suggests that it is a hormonal controller- speculation has it that this herb, if used wrongly could cause hormonal imbalances. These reservations are numerous, but in the end, facts will stand. These facts from research, all seem to say that this one bad-ass herb that deserves a little more attention.

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