Best Natural Beauty Ingredients

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Everyone accepts that it must be better to use natural beauty products on your skin rather than chemicals, whether they are as effective as chemicals is another matter but putting things that have grown on the earth rather than having been created must result in less side effects and aggressive skin reactions. In this article I will list a few of mother nature’s best ingredients to remedy beauty and health issues.


Bees are becoming more and more scarce by the year, diseases are killing them off which is bad news for us as their honey has so many great properties about it (aside from tasting fantastic). Honey is a natural antiseptic and is great as a moisturiser but recently its properties for adding firmness to skin have led to it becoming a revolutionary product in the industry. If you buy Manuka honey which is a naturally active honey you will that firmness has been added to your skin within weeks.

Aloe Vera

Traditionally Aloe Vera has tended to be used for its cooling properties; it has been the main ingredient for many products to combat sunburn and even more severe burns. It is lesser known however for its use in helping out with acne sufferers, anti aging and healing wounds. Aloe Vera is up there with honey as a real super ingredient.


Rose oil in particular is fantastic for hydrating your skin, whether you just naturally suffer with dry skin or you have had sunburn and want to use it as a form of ‘after sun’ it will get your skin looking more hydrated and healthy in no time. It is also very rich in vitamin C to give an extra bit of glow.


You are likely to know the smell of lavender very well, it is used in so many different perfumes and air fresheners that you cannot help but having smelt it. However, it is lesser known for its use as a moisturiser and an antiseptic.

Marine Algae

One of the lesser known products in the list but can be used to great effect. It is a mild bleaching agent that can be used to fade sun damage and even your skin tone so people who have gotten freckles and moles after being in the sun may find it useful for fading them. Unfortunately it is also being used to the extreme in lots of eastern countries such as China and Japan as a skin lightener.

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