Best Protein Sources For Healthy And Stronger Body

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Every person who pays importance to health and is cautious about the factors that affect it is aware of the benefits of proteins. The human body cannot possibly grow and stay healthy without protein. Therefore, it is utmost necessary for better health to consume adequate amount of proteins.

According to experts, a human must consume 20% of its calorie intake from proteins. Therefore, absence or protein makes the calorie intake deficient in nutrition causing the body to lose health. The lines below give the best protein sources to help stay healthy and strong.

1. Egg Protein:

Regardless of whenever you eat them, eggs are the best and taste buds satiating form of protein. They are easy to prepare and are rich in protein making them the best food to consume in breakfast or any other time of the day. However, try to focus on consumption of egg whites as the yolk contains cholesterol, which can be unhealthy if consumed in excess.

2. Plant Protein:

Although major sources of protein are animal related foods, however, vegetarians need not despair, because there are plant sources of protein as well. The major plant source of protein include lentils and beans. Besides being rich in protein these plants are also rich in carbohydrates making them the ideal foods after the workout.

3. Steak:

Red meat is without any doubt the best source of high quantity of protein. Another reason for consuming steak is because of the iron it contains, which in addition to proteins helps strengthen the muscles. Therefore, whenever you need to shift your protein intake into heavy gear, eat a steak, preferably with green vegetables.

4. Soy:

Besides plant and animal sources of protein, soy is the best sources of protein. soy is considered a substantial alternate option compared to animal protein. Therefore, consuming soy with whole grains as a snack can provide a sufficient amount of protein.

5. Pasta:

Although primarily known for its carbohydrate content, pasta can also be made a protein rich protein option by including pork or almond butter in the pasta. This combination is ideal for athletes who require energy as well as protein for muscles.

6. Fish:

Another protein rich source that can be made as delightful as one can for consumption is fish. It is rich in protein, however, the factor that gives fish an edge over other protein sources is the omega3 fatty acids. These acids help body stay healthy with their anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, with fish, in addition to protein the overall health of the body also increases as well. This type of nutrition combination can also be found in muscle building supplements for bodybuilders as well.

7. Milk:

Milk is the most traditional source of protein and it has long been consumed to keep the body healthy and strong. In addition to proteins the different vitamins and minerals that come with milk make it the best food for better health.


In a nutshell, protein is extremely necessary for better health, therefore, with the help of aforementioned foods and other protein rich sources one must make sure that the supply of protein to the body does not stop.

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