Common Scars to Fix With Revision Procedures

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Many times a scar can leave a lasting effect. If you’ve had a major wound or surgery, a scar will be a visible reminder of the incident. In most cases, scars will fade on its’ own and not be a problem for a person. However, some scars can be large and distracting. For instance, a scar that is on your leg might not be as big of a deal as the same scar on your face. But a large scar on your face might be something that you would consider getting fixed using revision procedures such as a topical treatment, minimally invasive procedure or a surgical revision with advanced techniques in wound closure. All of these procedures work to decrease visibility of a scar by blending it with the surrounding skin tones and natural texture of the skin. Generally the procedures might make a scar look more appealing rather than completely eliminating or erasing it.

The most common scars to fix with revision procedures are:

Scars on your face can be very distracting and some of the hardest scars to go away. That is why many people choose to get scars revised so that people don’t get distracted when they are looking at you. Many scars can go away mostly with non-invasive procedures such as prescription topic ointments, but others may require a little more invasive procedures, such as plastic surgery or other advanced surgeries. These more invasive procedures might work faster, and have a short recovery time. Whereas, the topical creams might take years to work completely.

Scars that have healed poorly are the other most common types of scar to fix with a revision surgery. Most scars heal pretty well, but occasionally, a scar will heal poorly and not close up all the way or create too much scar tissue. This can happen for any reason, such as sun exposure or location of the wound. If a wound is on a joint, it can be difficult for a wound to heal, causing a scar to take longer to heal or become larger than it normally would have.

Self-harm scars are another type of scar that people might want to have removed. Since these scars might remind them of a bad time, and they might bring up questions that they don’t want to be asked, many people can decide they want to get a revision procedure to at least partly cover up these scars or make them blend in better with their skin.

Acne scars are other really popular scars that people want to get removed or covered up. Since there are medicines out there that can stop acne, some people might be left with big scars or areas of scar tissue that they want to cover up a little better than just with makeup. While makeup will cover up most scars for women, men aren’t so fortunate. Makeup can also cause people to break out even more, so some women choose not to use that as a cover up, either, and prefer to use scar revision instead.

These are just a few of the most common scars that people want to fix with revision procedures.

Dr. Gregory H. Croll is a certified plastic surgeon in Columbia, MO. He performs procedures including breast, facial, body and hand procedures.

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