Common symptoms of hypothyroidism and its natural treatment

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 Hypothyroidism disease is connected with the human thyroid glad and it is developed in as an under active disease. This is really very common disease today because so many people around the world are getting suffered from this disease. It is not really very critical in the beginning. It can be diagnosed and treated easily when it is in the initial stage, but if the condition gets worse then the hypothyroidism disease can cause thyroid gland failure, metabolism system failure and decreased body parts efficiency. It reduces the working abilities of human body parts and it is often developed in the people who are over 50 years old because their body system already gets weak due to age. Then it becomes easy for the hypothyroidism disease to form chronic. It increases the probabilities of diabetes and increases the level of cholesterol that can lead to some heart diseases too.




The symptoms of hypothyroidism are many and you can judge them till the ending of the worse stage of the disease. The more the disease will develop, the more severe the symptoms would be. Let’s see some symptoms of hypothyroidism in brief that will help you to know the probabilities of this disease before it gets worse.


  • Body weakness without any known reason for it or a patient will feel restless even when he or she is resting.
  • The hypothyroidism patient faces unusual weight gain or weight loss.
  • Sometimes, the hypothyroidism patient faces depression without any known reason for it.
  • The hypothyroidism may feel headache and it can be intensive or normal according to the staging of this disease.
  • Stomach pain, muscle pain and joint pain can also be connected to hypothyroidism disease and the intensive behavior of the pain depends on staging of hypothyroidism.
  • Hypothyroidism patient feels excessive cold sometimes when the weather is normal or even warm. This is the most significant thing which tells us that something is not right but it could be the symptom of hypothyroidism disease formation in your body.
  • It leads to constipation and when the disease lasts longer, it can cause the hair loss.
  • Brittle nails and pale face is also one of the hypothyroidism symptoms which you can see significantly.


Natural treatment with effective diet:


Patient may also see some outer body variations like goiter enlargement or poor appetite. But now, when symptoms of hypothyroidism are seen getting the natural treatments is a foremost step. This will help the patient in getting relief and the patient would be able to get rid of this disease slowly.


  • Hypothyroidism patient should eat Iodine rich food. It is the most important thing that the hypothyroidism patient should necessarily add in the food chart.
  • Tyrosine is also one of the most important things for treatment of this disease and you can find it in fish, meat and low fat milk.
  • Selenium rich diet will help you to get rid of these symptoms in less period of time and you do not need to do anything special for it, so many routine foods like whole grains, onion and garlic etc contains Selenium.
  • You should make sure that your diet is high proteins rich and you should concentrate on few more dairy products.
  • Vitamin B Complex is also useful and these all addition in your food chart will help you to get rid of hypothyroidism naturally.


Author bio: Genelia is a dietician and health advisor who recommends her patients to take best diet for treating various health problems. She also recommends the Hypothyroidism Revolution program for getting the relief in Hypothyroidism disease. This is an effective program that can help a lot to patients suffering from the problem.

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