Contact Lenses Play a Role in Fashion

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Years ago many children were reluctant to wear National Health glasses. Even then children were self conscious and frankly, those glasses might have been free, but that didn’t matter. They were ugly even if they were correcting a minor eyesight problem.  In today’s world everyone is fashion conscious; every age group to differing extents and the popularity of contact lenses over glasses is one way in which it has become manifest.


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Teenage use

If you have teenage children that want to wear contact lenses as opposed to glasses it is important that you understand them as well as the children. The quality of the modern product has made it perfectly fine for teenagers to wear lenses as long as the experts agree in individual cases. Children as young as 11 may have sufficiently developed eyes to wear lenses though 13 is perhaps the average age when an optician will say it is alright.

If your children do get lenses you must be certain that they will act responsibly with them and regularly clean and disinfect them. They must follow the instructions by the letter because there are dangers of infection and bacteria otherwise.

There may be a dilemma. If wearing lenses is because of the better appearance they provide then that is not a problem in itself, but it is if the child is unlikely to follow those instructions. They are certainly comfortable even if the child is initially apprehensive. Once he or she has been shown how to insert and take out a lens then they should find things are fine.

Contact lenses can actually be worn in many sports. Everyone will have seen a team game stop will the players are looking for someone’s contact lens in the grass.

One day disposable lenses that are thrown away every day may be the best way forward. They are thrown away so your child has no need to get involved in cleaning and disinfecting. Perhaps it is wise to have a pair of glasses in reserve.

The instructions

It is a matter of your children following some simple rules and of you keeping an eye on them:

  • Instructions are there for a reason and should be followed
  • Regular eye tests are important
  • If you damage your lenses in any way, speak up
  • Never use anyone else’s lenses and certainly don’t lend out your own
  • Report any irritation as soon as it happens

Contact lenses certainly help you look your best; you can wear makeup while wearing lenses but make sure your lenses are in before putting on makeup so that nothing gets on to the lenses. You can even get coloured lenses these days. It is the fashion conscious world in which we live.

Biofinity contact lenses from Contact Lens Mail is a simple and quick way to get the contact lenses you need. Your prescription will then be kept safe for further purchases until you are in need of another eye test and perhaps an amended prescription.

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