Creative fundraising ideas to raise funds for paying off medical bills

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fundraising ideas

Fundraising is an important option when the possibilities of paying off your medical bills are slim. Many a times, it so happens that organizing the same fundraiser events on a grand and lavish scale can get a tad monotonous and can take away from the joy of giving. While the donors have all the good intentions at heart, they do tend to get carried away with the same old activities of fundraising and hence, the repetitive nature of fundraising is likely to leave them bored and looking at other avenues. Sometimes, organising an online fundraiser with the help of is also an excellent idea as it helps to leverage the online power and create a global platform for your fundraiser, thus increasing the scope of getting your medical bills paid in time. At other times, you may have to rely on offline methods of organising fundraisers. Given below are some quirky fundraising ideas that will not only ensure that you get donors lining up to make their donations, thus helping you with medical expenses, it will also ensure that they have a good time.

1.)   Get your donors involved:

Sometimes, it makes for an excellent idea to have a donor perform some activity and pay for the same. Putting on your creative hat is all it takes to ensure that this type of a fundraising event is a roaring success. Usually, it is not very difficult for a donor to write a check of a particular amount. However, the donor also needs to feel connected to the cause that he is supporting. Therefore, based on the type of medical situation that your loved one is facing, you could organize a little event wherein the donors get involved in some activity and then make their contributions. Designing their own ‘Get Well Soon’ cards or making some handmade DIY goodies for the victim is an excellent idea to have the donor involved in the cause for which he is making his valuable donation.

2.)   Donating Jewellery:

Every household has a pile of old, dusty jewellery that simply lies in a locker without being used. Therefore, organising a fundraiser asking donors to get their old discarded jewellery as part of the donation can always be considered a quirky idea for raising funds to pay off the medical bills. However, you must be absolutely clear about the fact that the jewellery being donated must be old and the ones that people do not find any use in. The overall jewellery items collected can be then exchanged for cash to pay off the medical bills.


3.)   Organising a dance event:

Every person likes to tap their foot to good music. Even if a person has two left feet, a night of good music and dance is a night well spent. Organising a dance night for the donors and charging a fee for entry can be an interesting way to raise money for medical expenses. Developing a specific theme for the dance night can make the event more exciting as the donors come dressed as per the theme. You can also sign up with if you wish to organize a fundraiser online.

4.)   Include some foodie event:

Everyone loves to eat and therefore, using food to raise funds can also be an excellent idea. Holding a cooking competition among interested candidates is something that can be contemplated. You must then involve passersby to vote for the dish after paying a very small fee. It would also be a great idea to explain the cause behind the cook off to encourage more people to cast their votes.

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