Debunking cross dressing myths

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Often, we misunderstand cross dressing. What is it? If you are to ask five people to describe cross dressing in short words or you ask them what they actually think it is, it is very likely that you will get five different answers from these people. This article is exactly about cross dressing myths which exist in our culture.

Myth # 1 Transgendered people are homosexuals and don’t like women

Not all Trans are homosexual. The majority of transgender are married men who have close conjugal relationship with their wives. So who says that Trans are homosexuals? According to many transgender in-depth interviews and surveys, cross dressers are sensitive people and they have a great affinity and attraction towards their wives. They tend to become more caring when it comes to women in their lives. They feel proud to have feminine body and look through proper cross dressing.

Myth # 2 Trans are drag queens that look RuPaul

Not all Trans are drag queens. Although cross-dressers aren’t purely queens, but they wear the same kinds of outfits typical women wear; nothing complicated.

Myth # 3 Cross-dressers are made and can be cured

There is no solid research finding regarding this old school of thought. The fact of the matter is that cross dressers cannot be made and cured at all.  However a cross dresser can be cured when he wishes to stifle his behavior.

Myth # 4 Trans develop their behavior at their adulthood

There are some people in our society who don’t understand the act of cross dressing. Thus they cannot understand the exact idea about cross dressing. They fathom and assume that cross dressing begin in adulthood. The fact of the matter is that most people develop their behavior at a young age. However, there are many male children in between 4 or 5 years old, start wearing cross dresses as a dress-up game. It is a continuous learning process.

This is the overall situation. People really do not fathom cross dresser clothing. Therefore cross dressing can be referred to as “an individual dressing in the clothing of the opposite sex.” There is recorded history of transgender and cross dressers in ancient Greek and Hindu era. One last thing I would like to tell, cross-dressing is not a mental illness or insanity.

For others, it is a case of feeling as if they have a connection to both genders and wish to express this feeling in a way they dress. Each case is very individualistic. Rather society neglects these kinds of people. So it is better advice to live around Trans if you want to clear your doubts.

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