Designing a perfect home for the elderly

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Designing and building a house for the elderly can be a tricky project. Before heading towards the drawing board, you need to make sure the features of the design create a safe, easy, and comforting place for any elderly to live in. This is exactly what is going through the mind of award winning architect Bell Philips. His planned housing development project in Essex is designed especially for the elderly. This complex not only aims at providing a safe and comfortable environment but also wants to promote social interaction among its residents. By featuring a terrace and a communal garden on the ground floor, there will be enough space for the residents to sit down and talk amongst each other. With the average life expectancy on the rise, there is an increased demand for such homes. However, if shifting to a new house is not an option, you can easily make some changes to your current home to make it more suitable for the elderly.


LET THERE BE LIGHT: The first measure to create safe environment for old people is to have space with ample lighting. Most elderly people suffer from poor vision making movement around the house quite dangerous. Make sure to have enough lighting in all the rooms, entryways, and passages. Elderly people make a lot of trips to the bathroom, so make sure the passages leading to it has enough light. It also very important to keep the stairways well lit to prevent trips and falls. To make it easier for them to operate, be sure to install rocker switches.

THE ESSENTIAL COMFORTS: Apart from ensuring the safety of your retired residents, it is also important to make sure they are comfortable. One of the first steps in doing that is to buy supportive chairs for the elderly. Make sure these chairs are ergonomically designed to provide the maximum comfort and back support. If you have a big space, think of getting multiple chairs and placing it all throughout the house. This way he or she can participate in activities and conversations in every room. Buying a bed that comes with adjustable lumbar support is also a great idea.

BATH BASICS: Due to the weakening of elbows, knees and other joints, incidents of slipping in the bathroom are quite common among aged. However, these incidents can be significantly reduced by following few simple ground rules. Install grab bars near the toilet and the tub so that they always have something to hold on to while they are inside the bathroom. Make sure to replace the bathroom doorknob with a lever styled fitting. This is much easier to operate especially for people suffering from arthritis.


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