Do Car Insurance Rates Increase When You Get Divorced?

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Do Car Insurance Rates Increase When You Get DivorcedDivorce affects almost every area of your life, including car insurance rates. According to experts at, most states require drivers to inform their insurance company of any changes in their marital status within 30 days of finalization. Your car insurance rates will probably increase after your divorce, especially if your commute grows longer, or you are no longer eligible for discounts that you were receiving.


Most insurance companies discount the premiums that married couples pay anywhere from five to 15 percent, which means that getting divorced is likely to affect your rates even if you still have multiple vehicles and your commute doesn’t increase. It is common for recently divorced people to start their own insurance policy with a single vehicle, which means they lose the multi-policy discount that many companies offer. This is often the largest discount that people receive on their premiums, it can take up to 25 percent off the total premium amount. You and your ex cannot keep the same policy unless you continue to live in the same residence.

Moving and Commuting

Another factor that affects the premiums you pay for auto insurance is the area you reside in. Becoming divorced may mean that you move to an apartment, which is likely to increase your rates. The number of miles you drive is also likely to increase, especially if you travel back and forth to share custody of your children.

Removing Your Name From Your Spouse’s Vehicle

One thing that people often forget to do when they get divorced is get their name removed from the title of vehicles that are now in their ex’s sole possession. Leaving your name on the registration and title of your ex’s vehicle may mean that you can be held liable for accidents or damage caused by that vehicle even if you haven’t been in possession of it for years.

Get New Quotes as Soon as Possible

You will be required to start your own auto insurance policy without your spouse’s name on it after divorce. This is a great time to obtain quotes from several insurance companies to ensure that you pay the lowest available rates. You may find that a policy with a new company costs less for a single vehicle than you are your ex were paying for multiple vehicles. Just make sure that the coverage you are being offered is the same as the coverage you had with your previous company so you know what to expect.

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