Do People Really Need Their Wisdom Teeth Pulled Or Not?

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Do People Really Need Their Wisdom Teeth Pulled Or Not.A visit to the dentist may have you fearing the worst about potentially having your wisdom teeth removed. While some individuals may be in need of having these teeth pulled, others are not. In fact, members of the same family may not all be in need of having their wisdom teeth pulled out. Many dentists have different opinions on whether or not this may be a necessary procedure for you to have done. If you think that you may need to have your wisdom teeth pulled due to pain or an uncomfortable feeling within your mouth, it is best to seek professional advice from a general dentist Milwaukee facility or dentist in your area. The following facts may help you in determining if your wisdom teeth need to be pulled or not.


Chronic Gum Pain

Wisdom teeth come in in the back of your mouth next to your molars. If you are experiencing chronic pain in your gums near this section of your mouth, you may be in need of having your wisdom teeth pulled. The pain can be a sign of infection that is usually caused from wisdom teeth that are partially erupted. Bacteria is easily able to get trapped within this area, causing an infection known as pericoronitis. By having the teeth pulled, you will remove the pain and risk of infection in the future.


Wisdom Teeth Do Not Fit

One of the most common reasons that many are in need of having their wisdom teeth removed is simply because they are unable to fit in their mouth. The typical mouth has enough room for 28 teeth which is the amount that are present before wisdom teeth come in. While some have a larger jaw and more amount of space than others, they will not need to have these 4 extra teeth removed. However, many simply can not make the space for the teeth, leaving them all cramped together which may not allow them to fully erupt or may cause extreme discomfort. Having the wisdom teeth pulled in this situation will allow your other teeth to comfortably fit in your mouth without discomfort or misalignment.


Misaligned Wisdom Teeth

While this may not be a major reason for concern, some choose to have their wisdom teeth pulled if they come in crooked. When the teeth come in fully, but are not straight it can cause other teeth within the mouth to shift and move. Having them pulled will prevent this issue from potentially occurring.


If you feel as though you may need to have your wisdom teeth pulled, it is always best to seek the advice of a dentist before coming to any conclusions.

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