Does acupuncture can increase my fertility?

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Place fine needles into strategic points of the skin reduce stress, balance energy and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

One in six couples has fertility problems Mexico. Are you one of them? Acupuncture, the oldest technical-and-famous Chinese medicine, can be of much help.

acupuncture All the stress that surrounds you, the changes your body goes through, your diet, routine physical and genetic inheritance determine the ease with which you can get pregnant, ie a degree of fertility.

This degree can be increased with the help of natural methods and techniques, such as Herbalism and acupuncture, or artificial, such as in vitro fertilization and hormone treatments.

The advantages of acupuncture

Acupuncture for fertility is a natural technique that rebalances the body’s energy by applying fine needles, usually 16, at specific points in the skin of the head, wrists, feet, legs and abdomen.

According to this ancient technique, which has caused nearly 70% of pregnancies in women with fertility problems, complications getting pregnant, accompanied by symptoms such as irregular periods, dark bleeding with clots, sinus pain and headaches are caused by a blockage the “Chi” of the liver, known as biliary congestion.

This congestion affects blood flow in the pelvic cavity, making it difficult to implantation of the fertilized egg to cause pregnancy. Acupuncture can relieve this congestion and reduce stress, which sometimes leads to infertility and can negatively affect the production of hormones and the development of pregnancy.

Compared to other methods for improving fertility, acupuncture does not cause side effects, according to the acupuncturist; their patients experience a profound sense of calm, while others will produce a great physical energy.

Acupuncture and IVF

According to the Fertility Clinic, artificial insemination is usually the first choice for young couples with fertility problems “mild”, while for the most complex problems in vitro fertilization treatment is the key.

Acupuncture can be implemented alone or in combination with other procedures to enhance their performance. It has been shown to be useful in the key stages in vitro fertilization, as it can regulate blood circulation of ovaries and uterus, encouraging implantation. In addition, it helps to regulate hormones, stimulate the endometrium and prepare the patient for embryo transfer.

Have you tried acupuncture? Tell us your experience and tell us what you recommend methods to get pregnant.


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