Effects Of The Human Growth Hormone

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hghThe Side Effects Of HGH

People who normally take HGH (human growth hormone) need it for a deficiency of the hormone in their system. For instance, children who have growth disorders such as Turner syndrome or idiopathic short stature are normally prescribed daily injections of HGH by their pediatrician. HGH is believed by some people to cause weight loss and muscle gain, though some professionals claim that it produces no results at all. Additionally, HGH is abused by athletes who are already taking steroids and believe that they can “up” their stamina. HGH releasers are also advertised in many dietary supplements and it is questionable whether they work or not. For adults and children that are legitimately deficient in HGH and have debilitating growth disorders because of their deficiency, the human growth hormone injections can do wonders and turn them into happy, healthy people. But HGH usually does not work for people who don’t need it; such as the obese that already has plenty of  HGH. This article will list some known side effects of the human growth hormone that may be prevalent in many people who take the injections.

1. Decreased Libido

There are a lot of medications out there that can cause decreased libido (sexual drive) and HGH is not adept from that negative side effect. For some who either take too much of their required dosage of HGH or take it in large quantities and do not have a growth hormone deficiency or any other problems that would require the hormone, HGH can cause a loss of sexual interest and energy. This side effect might make taking the hormone worth it.

2. Burning Or Itching In The Skin

Many people report burning, itching, or a “tingling” sensation. This occurs in the skin and seems to last for a while. It can closely resemble parts of the body falling asleep and fighting to get the blood flowing back to them.

3. Insulin Resistance/Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is considered a very rare side effect of normal administered doses of HGH. For people that actually need the hormone, like adults and kids with the hormone deficiency, diabetes has almost no chance of occurring. However, it can happen if people who don’t need it ABUSE the hormone. This isn’t referring to those who take it as a simple weight loss supplement or people who take small doses to gain muscles. It’s for people who either use it in conjunction with illegal steroids or take too many of the supplements.

4. Joint Pain

This is a common side effect even for healthy adults. It is one of the most common side effects, particularly in older adults. Carpel tunnel syndrome, muscle soreness, and swelling in the arms and legs are common as well. These side effects and the others will likely not occur as long as people take it at a safe dosage and don’t overdo it. Just like any other medication, HGH is harmful if taken in too many or too large of quantities. In most people it will not produce any side effects as long as they continue to take it at a safe pace and dosage.

My name is Shelley Storm and I have been researching the human growth hormone supplements like Genf20plus for years. I wrote this article to educate others on side effects they can expect when taking HGH, particularly if it is their first time. For last 5 years she has seen people who claim to use the HGH as a way to combat the natural signs of aging. To know more about her visit her site.





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