Enhance your memory and senses: Use Piracetam

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PiracetamWhat is piracetam?

Piracetam belongs to the nootropic family. A nootropic is a drug or supplement which improves mental capability. Each nootropic is known to target specific areas of mental stimulation. Piracetam is one such drug that works on the cerebral cortex of the brain and the central nervous system. These areas are thought to be responsible for perception, thinking, logic and reasoning. Piracetam is believed to protect the cortex from damage or lack of oxygen.

How it works:

It is believed that Piracetam has the capacity to directly access the neuro-receptors in the brain, responsible for thinking and perception. This uninhibited effect of Piracetam has a faster effect on the functions of memory, thought and sensory outcomes.

How to take Piracetam:

This is a water-soluble drug and can be purchased in either pill or powder form. It is known to have very bitter overtones, so it is advisable to take Piracetam mixed with juice or any other sweet, natural beverage. The recommended dosage is around 4 grams per day for users with no other history of allergies or serious illness. Effects of the drug take anywhere from one to three hours to manifest, so it is suggested that you plan your dosage around your regular, daily schedule. Please be advised that the drug must be taken only under the prescription of a licensed medical practitioner.

Expected results of Piracetam:

Different people have reported distinct results after taking Piracetam. While some have mentioned that it significantly improved their memory and concentration, others have claimed that it enabled them to even recall entire dreams with vivid clarity!

Still others have said that it helped enhance their sensory perception and added that their sense of smell, touch and sight was markedly improved after taking the drug. Regular users of Piracetam have reported a clear increase in mental focus and concentration.

Scientists have tested this drug on, and successfully declared an improvement in patients suffering from anxiety and depression. Since the drug has an impact on the senses, it is understood that feelings are directly targeted when Piracetam acts on the cerebral cortex.

Others, however, have mentioned not experiencing any change whatsoever in thought process or sensory experience. But, doctors feel this could be due to a couple of factors: One is that a person’s capacity to absorb Piracetam may vary widely from another. So, it is advised to increase the dosage if there is no visible outcome after using the drug for at least a month. The other reason could be the individual rate of metabolism for each person varies markedly and may require a longer time lapse for the drug to show its effect.

Side effects/ cautionary note:

By and large, very few negative effects have been reported from using Piracetam. The rare cases that do come in are those where the user complains of headaches, nervousness or drowsiness. In such situations, it is recommended that the user suspends taking Piracetam for a brief period. After a while, the body will adapt itself to the use of Piracetam and will be more effective in warding off any negative outcomes.

Author bio: Shailaja Vishwanath is a freelance writer and a stay-at-home mother. She writes on subjects as varied as parenting, health, peak nootropics, technology and fashion. Her background in teaching has helped provide insight on the topics that she covers.  In her spare time, she likes to read, swim, play badminton and teach music.

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