Erectile dysfunction

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The term erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction were replaced in recent years the term “impotence “, deemed too violent and negative by a large majority of physicians and men involved.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem (or a complete impossibility) to have or maintain an erection sufficient to obtain satisfactory sexual intercourse and lasting penetration with his partner. This is an anomaly that may occur sporadically, or become more regular or even permanent in some cases. The erectile dysfunction occur more frequently with age, smokers, people consume alcohol and / or have an overweight. A man with sexual dysfunction should:

  • Dramatize
  • That this situation is common
  • Quickly check to avoid aggravation


Recall that the WHO defines sexuality as an integral part of our health. Live a harmonious sexuality can flourish and feel good about his skin. This topic is still taboo for many men and sometimes even for members of the medical profession. Men, who are ashamed, not daring to address the issue and face reality, are still far too many. They lose time, feel guilty, and to agonize and aggravate their difficulties. These failures cause low self-esteem, guilt and an affront to manhood. Men with these failures devalued. They take the risk of lead failures.

They dare not face the reality, often unaware that they can be treated and do not have treatments that can help to overcome this situation. Erectile dysfunction can affect the personal and private level, but also on a professional level. Depression may cause a erectile dysfunction Many men know a temporary impotence, sexual failure that occurs for example in the case of stress, overwork or fatigue. A vicious circle can then install: fear of seeing another human anguish that failure is reached, further disrupting the next erection. ‘s performance anxiety and not get a satisfying sexual relationship and “do not get there,” maintains the anomaly, even episodic most often at this stage. ‘s erectile dysfunction always affect the psychological balance. erectile dysfunction exercises bring good rigidity of erection brings greater confidence by allowing a sex life.

Many men find it difficult to talk about their sexuality and still suffered in silence. Do not waste time and immediately see: treatments exist and can quickly relieve the problem. Dare to talk to your doctor, it is already better. If symptoms persist beyond 3 months, do not wait to see.

The erectile dysfunction is common and increase with age. They are almost all men at some point or another in their lives. Erectile dysfunction affects more than 50% of men between 40 and 70 years and about 70% of men aged 70 years. Spontaneous erections are less frequent with age, erection takes a little more time to come and the rigidity of the penis is of lower quality. The time required between erections is also longer.

  • 15% of men who are suffering from Hypertension have erectile dysfunction problems
  • 25% of men concerned consult a doctor while 60% would like
  • 20% of erectile dysfunction is psychological in origin and 80% are caused by a medical abnormality

A small percentage of men suffering from sexual dysfunction is supported properly: the vast majority of them do not seek help because they are ashamed but also because they do not think that there are effective treatments or, for men over age, the appearance of this discomfort is normal and final.

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