Everything You Wanted to Know about the Syrup of Yacon

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imagesMaybe you have heard about Yacon syrup but you do not know what exactly it is. Or maybe you have heard about it but you are not certain what it is. This syrup is an extract of the yacon plant’s tuberous roots. This plant grows in the Andes Mountains. People of Peru have used this syrup for many years due to its nutritional properties. The syrup has low levels of sugar and few calories. In Bolivia it was recommended for people with diabetic people suffering from diabetes. People with other renal and digestive disorders also used this extract. In Brazil, the dry leaves of this plant were used to make tea which was used as an anti-diabetic.

Active ingredient in the syrup

Fructooligosaccharides or FOS is the main active ingredient in this syrup. It forms 50 percent of pure syrup. When one consumes this syrup, instead of increasing the level of glucose in the blood, it supplies the body with free fructose.

The syrup has 35 percent of fructose. An evaporator is used to make the syrup. This is similar to the evaporator used in making maple syrup. The taste of this syrup is similar to that of caramelized sugar and molasses. Studies conducted on this syrup have shown that is works as an antioxidant. Compared to enzyme solutions of mushroom, potato, edible burdock and eggplant this syrup is better.

When taken daily, the syrup helps in reducing body weight. Body mass index, wait circumference and body weight reduce significantly when taken by pre-menopausal women with excessive body weight.

Potential benefits of the syrup

Although there is limited research done on this syrup, some of the findings have been encouraging.

They include the following:

ü  Constipation relief to the user

ü  Reduction in the bad cholesterol in the body

ü  Increased level of good cholesterol in the body

ü  Improvement in insulin insensitivity

ü  Loss of excessive weight

To enjoy full benefits of this syrup, it is important that you use it in the right manner. Different manufacturers of this syrup give different dosage that should be taken daily for effective results. For most brands, the recommended dosage is one teaspoon of the syrup before or with meal. The syrup can also be used as substitute for sugar in coffee or tea.

The syrup can also be used as a substitute for molasses in waffles or pancakes. It can also be added to fruit or oatmeal. It has also been used as sweetener for vegans, diabetics, and those who wish to reduce their rate of sugar intake.

Currently, this syrup comes in form of dried chips, powder and pills. You can also get the roots of this plant. All these forms have the important pre-biotic as long as they are acquired from reliable sources. Thus, they will give the user the desired results. However, it is advisable that you get a product that you will stick to for long. Pills are the most popular form. This is because they are easy to find, take and economical. For pills, manufacturers recommend that consumers use one pill of 500 mg every day. The pills should be taken with adequate water before meals.

The most important thing to consider when buying the syrup is the quality of the product. Make sure that you get a brand that has been manufactured by a reliable manufacturer. Apart from losing weight, there are many health benefits that can be achieved by using this syrup. The syrup can also be a good source of quality fiber which is important for people with chronic constipation problems.

Nevertheless, the syrup has its side effects as well. Among the side effects of this syrup include runny tools or diarrhea. If these side effects happens to you while using the syrup then know the syrup is the cause. Nevertheless, many people have used the syrup and they recommend it to others. You can learn more about the syrup by watching this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2swM8EhEgH8.

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