Five Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid this Year

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Five Fashion Faux Pas To Avoid This YearFor many, fashion appears very fickle; the rules are always changing and what is “cool” now may very well be considered horrible the next year. Nevertheless, certain concepts have more or less stayed consistent for a number of years.


Ill-Fitting Clothing

Perhaps the most important of all fashion rules, clothes should fit properly. On the most basic level, the shoulder seam of shirts should lay on the edge of the wearer’s shoulder and pants should fit without a belt. Badly fitting clothes make the wearer look messy, mo matter how nicely the clothes are.


Gaudy Clothing

This refers to clothing with ugly designs, usually found on t-shirts and sweatshirts. Graphic/printed tees often have designs that are immature or just bad looking. The easiest way to fix this, of course, is to simply wear blank tees. However, some printed tees are cool. Usually, good printed tees either play off an aesthetic, like Supreme with streetwear, or incorporate minimalist or abstract design. The printed tee often tows the line of gaudy and good looking.


Unflattering Cuts

Though this may apply to upper-body clothing, pants are the piece of clothing that often suffers from unflattering cuts. This refers to large bootcut or relaxed fit pants. While perhaps more comfortable, these clothes either give the wearer an odd silhouette or simply looks sloppy. Realize that the wearer can still wear boots and high tops, even with slim or skinny jeans. Bootcut is not necessary and simply looks like a baby brother to 70’s bell bottoms.


Square-Toed Shoes

Square-toed shoes simply look bad nowadays. They are very dated, a relic from when suits were much boxier. Contrary to the belief of some, square-toed shoes are not a “casual” form of dress shoes. Furthermore, square-toed shoes are almost always made with low quality materials. Instead, opt for a standard-toed shoe.


Dressing well does not mean Dressing Up

Dressing up for no reason can often make the wearer look ridiculous. A business suit complete with leather-soled shoes is not necessary to walk the dogs. Instead, dress well. That mostly means make sure everything fits and looks flattering. Dress for the occasion. Just as torn jeans make no sense for fine dining, a crisp, white dress shirt is inappropriate for yard work. Realizing that fashion does not mean “dressing up” all the time is very important.


Modern fashion adheres to a few basic rules, that if followed, makes the wearer look all the better.

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