Five Very Common Skin Complications and there Easy Remedies

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medical-spa-face-girl-beautiful-derm3Desire to have flawlessly beautiful skin is what everyone desires across the globe. However, not everyone gets it naturally or easily, but most of the people are surrounded by the common face skin problems for sure. Majority of these problems are the contribution of the reckless lifestyle and lack or absence of proper daily skin care. However, most of the complications that one could view in the mirror are hidden in his eating habits as well. What one eats is what one reflects and becomes. Oil and fat rich food will always harm the body and skin, green leafy vegetables and ample volume of water will make everything right. Though there are various kinds of skin problems that a person faces, but five very common complications are faced by most of the people.

The five common disorders of facial skin

  1. 1.      Whiteheads

These are the tiny pimples that have a whitish top to it, which is an accumulation of sebum hardened or the bad oil that are present in the skin’s pores. On pressing them, they hurt a lot, but once they have matured; they start drying up and finally they leave a small unpleasant mark of their presence. These may be best cured by following a diet, which is healthy and on time. Couple that with an active lifestyle and a regular skin care like moisturizing, exfoliating and cleansing.

  1. 2.      Freckles

Small patches of round light brown skin that often become a bit bigger as well as deeper when they are exposed to the UV-rays of the sun. Mostly they appear on the various elevated portions of the face, such as cheeks bones, forehead and nose; at times they do happen on front portion of the chin as well. The most convenient and easy remedy for this is the minimization of direct exposure to the UV-rays of the sun, while moisturizing the skin adequately.

  1. 3.       Big and enlarged pores

The skin pores are enlarged due to the over-activeness of sebaceous glands. These glands secrete oils that clog the pores of skin and consequently it result in white heads, blackheads and various other forms of related acnes. An herbal cleanser would keep the pores free of the sebum and keeps it within limits.

  1. 4.      Stretch marks

These are a result of over-stretching of skin, which consequently destroys the resilience and elasticity. This usually happens due to sudden loss or gain in the weight, in an excessive manner. This is something that is almost an irreversible damage and the best thing to do here is to prevent such a situation to arrive. The stretch marks can’t be removed entirely on an immediate basis, but it may take years for them to fade away. However, there is less to no chance that they would actually go away and disappear.

  1. 5.      Under-eye dark patches or circles

This is one of the most common and noticeable phenomenon, which is found among the students and people who tend to have very less sleep. It is also caused by over-work, stress, dietary deficiencies and fatigue. The best remedy for this problem is to use specially manufactured creams that have almonds and lanolin. Having ample amount of good sleep and water will help immensely to cure the problem naturally, but it may take some time.

Other ways to resolve the skin problems

Face skin problems as well as the overall body skin can remain absolutely beautiful and supple, provided a person not only corrects his eating habits, but he also exercises regularly. Working out keep the internal organs as well as the muscles of the entire body fit, so will the skin will also receive the goodness of exercise. A lethargic lifestyle is dangerous to the skin and body.

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