Food to Eat During Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant, then it’s very important to have a proper diet. A good pregnancy diet is very important for the expectant mother as well as for the baby. The overall development of the baby depends on what you eat during the nine months; even it helps you in recovering quickly after the delivery. It is said that during pregnancy you should eat for two but that doesn’t means to double the amount of the food intake. You should eat for two in a way that the food includes good amount of nutrients like vitamins, iron, folic acid, etc and counts less on calories. Being overweight during pregnancy leads to many health issues so it’s best to plan a proper nutritional diet. You can take professional help on this matter; even some women like to plan it accordingly by taking the tips available online. It is best to educate yourself on all the dos and don’ts as it will not only help during the pregnancy but will help in long run in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the foods, which are simple yet effective and easily available in the market:


Whole grains: They are the best source of fiber and are packed with many other nutrients like protein, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. Whole grains like Wheat berries, barley, oats, brown rice, flaxseed, quinoa, millet, etc. are easily available in the market in various forms. For the expectant mothers, it’s very important to include them in one or the other form in every meal.

Eggs: They are full of amino acids, vitamins and protein. They are easily available and can be cooked in many ways. Just avoid taking them raw or under-cooked.

Beans:  They are available in so many varieties- black beans, Navy beans, pinto beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. They contain many nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, zinc and fiber, which are very important during pregnancy. They help in avoiding the problems of constipation and hemorrhoids and helps in keeping you healthy during pregnancy time.

Salmon: It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids; you can have it in any form as it helps in developing the baby’s eyes and brain.

Dairy products: They are the excellent sources of calcium, phosphorus, protein and vitamin D which are very important for developing your baby’s bones, teeth, heart, nerves, muscles, etc.

Other than the above listed foods, there are many other things which can be included in daily pregnancy diet for getting all the nutrients in the right amount. It is very important to ensure that whatever you are eating, affects the baby in good way as there are some food which should be avoided like:

  • Unpasteurized milk
  • Caffeine
  • Peanuts
  • Sushi
  • Raw shellfish
  • Soft cheese

By taking care of the diet, you can ensure healthy development of your baby and can have a healthy pregnancy!

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