Foods To Be Consumed As Snacks Before A Workout Session

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According to experts, what a person eats before working out directly and gravely affects the kind of workout the person will enjoy. Eating the right foods makes the workout light and full of joy, while eating the wrong foods results in a boring and dull workout, which eventually causes a person to quit.

For a muscle builder it is imperative that the right foods be eaten before the workout so that the workout is an effective and efficient one. The lines below give the best foods that a muscle builder must consume as a snack prior to working out.

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1. Pistachios and Pear:

Although the combination seems odd, however, both pistachios and pear can serve as great pre workout foods. Both these snacks are the best as both contain fiber which helps slow down the digestive process so that you feel fuller for longer. On the other hand, pistachios help regulate the blood sugar thus preventing sudden energy downfalls. Therefore, consume these two foods before the workout to perform optimally.

2. Coffee:

Coffee is another food that may seem odd pertaining to helping in a better workout, however, it does help in improving your workout performance. Drinking coffee before the workout increases your concentration, thus you are able to better concentrate on the exercises you perform and get the best results.

3. Banana With Peanut Butter:

This is one of the best snacks that most of the muscle builders use all around the globe. The reason for using these ingredients as a snack are the proteins they come with. Banana contains protein, while peanut butter is also rich in protein and healthy fats. Thus offer optimal nutrition for an optimal workout.

4. Chocolate Milk:

According to research, chocolate mix has been found to have an ideal mix of potassium, protein and carbohydrates; therefore, it gives the ideal energy boost that a person requires before the workout. However, while consuming chocolate milk, make sure that its fat free.

5. Boiled Egg And Apple:

Another odd combination but highly nutritious one when it comes to pre-workout snacking is of apple and hardboiled egg. The reason for this mix is the combination of nutrients both these elements provide when combined. Apple comes with fiber to make your stomach full without upsetting it, while egg offers the ideal source of protein. Therefore, use the two before workout and enjoy a healthy and optimal workout.

6. Dried Fruits:

For all those people who aren’t willing to prepare their food or snack before the workout, or don’t find the time for doing so, dried fruits are the best healthy snacking option. The reason these dried fruits as healthy pre workout energy supplements is because of the natural sugar they contain in addition to other nutrients. The natural sugar ensures that they provide a good energy boost for the workout. Therefore, consume dried fruits, whether as a whole or in combination with other foods such as Greek yogurt.

Bottom Line:

In short, pre workout snacking is one of the healthiest habits in which a muscle builder can indulge. Every muscle builder must try to include healthy foods in snacking and make sure that these foods don’t upset the stomach while providing energy for the workout.

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Angelika Johnston is an expert in health and fitness issues and mainly writes on the merits and demerits of nutritional supplementation like healthy pre workout energy supplements, energy drinks and healthy life in general.

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