Getting Back Your Life: 4 Tips to Avoid Burnout

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Everyday is a struggle to make it through.

There are tons of tasks we need to complete. Plus, the stress in the environment that we should as well handle. Living up to people’s expectations on us isn’t always easy. And in our desire to be able to keep up, sometimes we push ourselves too hard. Exhaustion sets in.

And it isn’t fun.  Especially when it’s already taking a toll on our relationships.

How do you prevent now being burnout? How do you take things slow?  How do you get your life back, today?


Learn to say no.

Everytime you say yes, you are committing yourself to another set of responsibilities.

Perhaps that another task would take you only an hour a day, so you say. But that one hour a day you will dedicate for it means an hour a day that you take away from other equally important things in your life. Your family, friends, and above all, yourself.

That one hour would mean extra sleep, some time to share a good laugh with friends, and an opportunity to enjoy meals with your family without rushing back to your work desk.

Before you accept another responsibility, think carefully. The more you have to juggle in your hands, mean the less time you will have for each.

Chances are, you will not be able to give your tasks your best foot forward. Your attention is divided to several concerns all you are targeting is to complete each. Quality somehow becomes secondary, which should not happen, particularly when it comes to your loved ones.

Do not let this happen. Say no.


Give your body enough rest.

So you are running after deadlines so you sacrifice your sleep for the day.

The next day however you feel grumpy. You feel as though you are going to collapse anytime. Your body is begging for rest. Unfortunately, you cannot give it. You are still at work.

You have finished your work but your boss wants it revised. Does that mean, you will again skip rest?

It is true that health is our only wealth. We cannot abuse it or we certainly wouldn’t want the way it will take its revenge on us. With the amount of workload you are assigned, the more you need your body working efficiently. Ensure that you sleep at night so you can perform better the next day.

As you wake up, do not bombard yourself right away with tasks. Take a deep breath. And pray for one good day ahead.


Eat, no matter what.

Some lose their appetite when they’re stressed.

Whatever you do, you just cannot get yourself to eat. Even when you keep telling yourself you need it. You just do not feel hungry. And even when a food is served in front of you ( your favorite one even does not do the trick), still, you would not feel the desire to be the usual ravenous you.

Get rid of this habit.

Even when you are bothered, find time to eat. Never ignore your body’s request for food and water. Again, if you want to get those tasks done you need energy. Then, the more you should eat.


Take one step at a time.

Stop worrying too much. The more worried you are, the less focused you will be.

Create an outline of things you ought to accomplish. Ditch the virtual organizers for the meantime and use pen and papers. It is easier to keep track of those that are done and are pending, this way.

You will feel more in control.

And, always think positive. Stressing never tasks easier.



Author Bio:

Nettie Gray recalls travels she had everytime she feels exhausted on her tasks. The fun memories always make her smile. She feels a lot better after, and more ready to get back to her tasks. 

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