Good Food and Proper Diet Helps Human live longer and trouble Free

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With evolution of human civilization, everything has become more complicated, and fact paced. Human lives have become more result oriented and practical. They are more involved in performing the task and thus do not have any time left for themselves. In order to be more practical in the work field, humans started neglecting their own health. In the quest for development and advancement, humans have turned themselves into machine. They have forgotten about their own self, concentrating more on the work and task result. In this grave situation, it is the food that has been more neglected than any other in respect of human health.

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Habit of Eating

To cope up with the fast paced world, human have struggled to maintain their eating and food habit. From the early age people used to indulge themselves in the fun and pleasure of various food and substitutes, without actually understanding about their consequences and result. Food is the necessity of life. For the existence of any form of life on earth, food is needed. But however, anything beyond the need of human world is considered to be the luxury. Similarly, when in food also whichever is considered is luxury is happened to be unhealthy. Like alcohol and tobacco. Therefore a habit of healthy eating is pretty much essential in human life.

Importance of Healthy Eating

The amount of food is eaten; always have its effect directly on the human health, therefore it is very essential to maintain a healthy diet, as it reduces and eliminates the risk of various health implication in human life and also helps to maintain a perfect weight and shape. Moreover, eating healthy can reduce the possibility of various diseases like, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Healthy eating helps in-

  1. Healthy diet helps in gaining carbohydrate in the body that provides with lots of energy.
  2. It also provides lots of protein that helps in gaining energy and imparts with, growth and development of body.
  3. Helps the human body with the accumulation of fat, that is one essential constituent of growth
  4. Moreover, healthy diet provides with essential vitamins and minerals that helps the functioning of the body.

What to Eat

Eating healthy needs to follow some simple rule like, eating all three meals constituting of right balance and adding healthy snacks in between if needed. Eating breakfast is very important, and it should never be skipped. Food that should be taken more as-

  1. Vegetable and fruits should be eaten regularly and in plenty.
  2. High fiber foods should be eaten like pulses, grains that give the body strength and help in improvement of digestive system.
  3. Low fat food should be eaten in order to avoid obesity and heart problem.


Generating a habit of healthy eating is very essential for the overall growth and development of the human being. However changes should be made in the way of eating gradually to avoid certain health implication. Foods containing, high sugar and cholesterol should be avoided and stuffs like tobacco and alcohol should not be taken at all in any time.

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