Guest Posting Guide


1. Articles must be no less than 600 words.

2. We DO NOT accept links within the opening paragraph of the article.

3. Articles must be Original and something that has not already been published somewhere else on the Internet. (no duplicate contents)

The benefits for you is you will naturally gain more readers to your article(which is what it’s about). and a powerful link to you site.

4. We do not link to spammy sites ( site that does not meet Google’s guidelines manipulative low quality sites)

5. NO  spammy posts like payday loans, online gambling, and pills (Viagra and diet pills) And Adult sites

6. No promotional post that mentions the name of the company that your working with.

7. The tittle of the post must not be in all capital letters

8. A featured image MUST be added to each and every post.

9. A link should be placed to existing relevant posts

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