Health Actions for Women Approaching 50

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Menopause can be daunting. The physical changes developing in a woman’s body as she approaches 50 can give rise to grave physical/ psychological conditions and prove to be irritating, to say the least. In certain cases, the side effects of menopause can be detrimental to their health as well and need to be addressed at their very onset. Fortunately, with the right inputs in place, women are managing to tackle these health challenges—sometimes, just by integrating some proactive changes in their daily lives.

Read on for a quick look into some problems of aging women and the right changes to keep them at bay.

Low Levels of Estrogen and Menopausal Problems

As women come closer to their menopausal years, their bodies experience reductions in the natural production levels of estrogen. Loss of estrogen results in a higher risk of coronary diseases and also causes negative changes to their bone mass. The aging process slows down metabolism, which makes it difficult for them to lose weight easily and keep the same under control. Gradually, they also become deficient in essential nutrients like vitamin D, calcium and B12. This makes it essential for them to integrate certain positive changes in their diet and lifestyle patterns.

Positive Health Changes

These positive and healthy changes include:

  • Reduction of Calorie

The metabolism slowdown that begins at the start of 40 continues well after the onset of menopause. In the circumstances, women should start consuming at least 30 percent less calories than what they did in their thirties. This helps in alleviating the concerns of those annoying pounds from creeping upon them –especially in their middle areas.

  • Cut Down on Processed Food

Processed food are generally high in sugar, salt and bad fats. They can wreck havoc on the digestive system and the arteries alike. By reducing their intake, women can shield themselves from heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers.

  • High Fiber Diet

The agonizing signs and symptoms of colon cancer and heart diseases can be alleviated to quite an extent by including more fibre in the regular diet of women in their forties. Inclusion of a higher percentage of vegetables, fruits, legumes and whole-grains (cereal, barley, bread, quinoa, bulger, etc.) in the diet can go a long way in alleviating the concerns of obesity, high cholesterol and irregular blood pressure alike.

  • Regular Exercise

Though regular exercise regime are important at all stages of life, the act becomes all the more important after 50. Along with helping in maintaining and building muscles, proper exercise increasing the rate of metabolism and helps in warding off age-related diseases. In general, there are three types of exercises that are essential for aging women: strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility training.

  • Addition of Vitamin D and Calcium

As the estrogen loss increases, aging women become all the prone to bone damages and health issues related with the same.  Additions of food rich in Calcium and Vitamin help the cause. It is therefore important to include foods like canned salmon, kale, as sardines, spinach, as well as low-fat yogurt and dairy products in their daily diet. Vitamin D supplements are also essential and help in the faster absorption of Calcium.

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