Health and Safety for Small Businesses

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Health and safety training will be as important for small businesses as it will be for much larger corporations, and in many ways, with fewer resources and less expendable time, choosing the right courses will be even more important for smaller companies than it will be for those behemoths of industry.

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Firstly, many of the larger companies will have the resources to have in-house health and safety workers designing very specific training courses for staff, whilst ensuring that changes to legislation are constantly understood and catered for. On the other hand, smaller businesses are unlikely to even know exactly what their legal requirements are, and with so much confusing and contradictory advice being offered online, it can be almost impossible to cut through the misleading and erroneous information, or the huge amount of obfuscation that can be created by the more predatory companies out there.

Ultimately, the only real resource a business will need when understanding their health and safety needs will be the website of the HSE. Not only will this offer straightforward and easy to understand advice to businesses of any size, but it will also be completely up to date, and altered each and every time new legislation or recommendations come into force.

However, once you understand what you need in terms of first aid training, risk assessments and indeed on the job training for staff, you will need to know exactly how to implement any changes along with which companies to use to train your first aiders as well as your workforce as a whole.

Furthermore, you may well need advice in terms of how to juggle your health and safety commitments with the work you need to carry out on a daily basis. Taking numerous members of staff out of the office for training may not be suitable for many small businesses and finding a company who can offer you health and safety courses that suit your schedule and indeed your business set up will therefore be just as important as knowing your rights and responsibilities as an employer.

You may decide that taking a qualification in health and safety is the right approach for your business, allowing you to better understand the needs of your business as well as your staff, or you may simply find that e-learning is the right approach for your own business. By speaking to a health and safety company that offers all of these options, you will be able to find out which option is the right one for you instead of being pushed towards a certain option simply because it is all that is really on offer.

Small businesses have just as much responsibility for the health and safety of their staff (and indeed visitors to their premises) as even the largest of companies, and in many ways failing to successfully deal with health and safety could lead to much more serious consequences for businesses with fewer resources, making it, in some ways, even more vital for them to get things right first time around.

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