Health Tourism – Interesting Facts about Alcohol Rehabs in Thailand

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Thailand is famous for its unique approaches in treating individuals who suffer from substance addiction. Thus, it is not surprising that a number of foreigners consider going to an alcohol rehab in Thailand to overcome their addiction issues. From Buddhism-based detoxification techniques to Thai massages, you can find a range of services at various alcohol rehabilitation centers in the country.


World-class Accommodation for Alcoholics

For those who prefer an upscale treatment for their addiction problems, The Cabin proves to be an excellent choice. Recovering alcoholics like this place because it is more concerned on the treatment aspect of detoxification instead of subjecting addicts to harsh situations.

The Cabin provides the 12 Steps Program and cognitive behavioral therapy, which means the root of the problem is taken into account in treating alcoholics. Furthermore, patients are expected to stay in the rehab center for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 4 months to attain total recovery from addiction.

Spiritual Treatment Option for Alcohol Addiction

Individuals who are on a tight budget prefer low-cost alcohol rehab centers to help them stay sober. Inexpensive addiction treatments are offered in certain Buddhist temples in the country, and the main focus is to provide a spiritual form of treatment instead of medications.

The Tham Krabok, for instance, offers Buddhism-based addiction treatment for alcoholics. This place has been coined as the Vomiting Temple because of the extraordinary approach used in helping individuals live a sober lifestyle. Those who sign up for the detox program are asked to drink a type of beverage that induce vomiting. This phase in the treatment period is called the detoxification ritual, and patients are supplied with the medicine daily at 6 p.m. For most people in the program, this is the most challenging part because of the unappealing taste of the vomit-inducing beverage they are required to drink.

The minimum length of time for the detoxification period is seven days, and the first few days are quite tough for most alcoholics who are part of the program. During the time they are in the temple they are expected to surrender their belongings such as their clothes, money, passport and anything that they possess. This way, they can focus entirely on the program and submit themselves to any task prescribed by the abbot of the temple.

Moreover, alcoholics are subject to a period of abstinence, and they are disallowed to come back to the temple if they fail to follow their vow of abstaining from alcohol.

This famous alcohol rehab in Thailand is situated in the Saraburi Province, specifically in the Phra Phutthabat district, which is 130 km on the northern part of Bangkok. The monastery has been providing detox services for half a century, which makes it one of the oldest rehab centers in Thailand. While the fees are quite low, some people fear the strict policies applied in the temple’s detoxification program.

Thai Massage for Total Wellness

Thai massage is a popular form of traditional medicine in Thailand. This type of massage includes the application of deep massages and focus on stress points to stimulate the body’s main source of energy. According to researchers, the Buddha’s physician has developed this massage technique about 2500 years ago.

With remarkable health benefits of Thai massage, most alcohol rehabs in Thailand offer this service as a significant part of their wellness plan. This way, recovering alcoholics can overcome physical and psychological pains due to a slew of withdrawal symptoms.


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