Hearing Loss

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hearing loss

Hearing loss is not uncommon. It is all around us and we have in one way or another encountered someone who has lost the ability to hear clearly. It is a sad thing really. The worst part being that most of us are ignorant about it. According to a statistical report, the youth are prone to lose hearing at an earlier age due to inveterate exposure to loud music. This is a major cause of hearing loss.

Causes of Hearing Loss

Unfortunately, this is not the only way hearing loss is induced. It may be hereditary, where one is more prone to lose their hearing as it runs in the family and is therefore in your genetic constitution. This makes it easier to have sensor neural hearing loss, which is permanent.
The other way that one may lose their hearing ability is via earwax occlusion or blockage of the inner ear. The good thing about this, is that it once the wax is removed, hearing is restored. The downside is that it can affect people of all ages.

Diagnosing Hearing Loss

So, how will you know you have hearing loss? First of all, you will have difficulty in comprehending words, usually in a crowd or against background noises. Speech by others will seem toned down or softened and you will often end up asking people to utter their words slowly, loudly and with more clarity. When you are watching your favorite show on television or listening to your best radio station, you will need to turn up the volume to hear what is going on. If so far you have exhibited these symptoms then you probably have hearing loss.

Hearing loss does not only affect your ability to hear, but also affects vital parts of your life. Your mood may change as you will feel a need to withdraw from conversations and thus fall into depression and anxiety. You may keep off some social settings. This will give you a deceptive feeling that people are angry with you, especially your loved ones. Needless to say, this will cause your relationships to crumble. Hearing loss may also lead to a decline in memory and cognitive functions.

With all these effects associated with hearing loss, it is imperative that you visit a professional, preferably an audiologist. This is because they can address your hearing loss better than a physician.

Weston Harris of Harris Hearing

Weston Harris has been the pioneer in hearing aid innovation and his contribution in this field is widely spoken about. His family and Harris Hearing has been deeply rooted in this industry for almost 50 years. Weston teamed up with technological companies and developed new product lines and kept the prices affordable to the general public. The quality of his hearing aids are top notch and the contribution in terms of innovations and skill put into solving existing problems of hearing issues is highly appreciated all over the world.

Over the years Harris Hearing Aids have been able to build a world class reputation and trust and commitment with its customers. The success of Harris Hearing is basically from the word of mouth and the business keeps building. The customers refer family and friends because of the quality of service the centers of Harris Hearing provides thus making itself a leader in Utah for about 15 years. Miracell, a world class hearing aid is a brainchild of Robert Harris. The staffs of Harris Health are co-operative, helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous.

The benefits of seeking professional help are not only to improve the physical aspect of your life, but also the social aspect. You will raise your self-esteem, mend broken relationships with loved ones and have a positive overall view on life as well.


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