Here Comes the Sun: Beware!

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Who in the UK doesn’t look forward to summer? After some fairly nasty and brutish winters that we have become unfortunately accustomed to, whether we like it or not, summer brings some badly needed warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Like most of us, you probably rush out to get as much sun as you can, wallowing in its golden touch. No one says you shouldn’t, but you also have to be careful. Somewhat like the old expression, “what you don’t know can kill you,” what you may not appreciate about the sun’s harmful effects can age you.

The Land of the Unaware

Could we really be that uninformed? According to a recent survey by the British Association of Dermatologists, many people in the UK are completely unaware that even brief exposure to the sun without adequate protection can have long-term negative consequences. Being a fair-skinned lot, our skin just isn’t naturally prepared to take on a lot of sunshine without taking some precautions. The survey revealed that many people felt that some simple precautions, such as eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and using a moisturiser every day, was enough. But that just isn’t the case.

And IPL machine can make you look younger

Have Fun, but Stay Protected

The one thing that absolutely everyone should do when stepping out into the sun is put on some sunscreen. While there are many different brands, they basically all provide the same type of protection, which is rated by a number, typically between 5 and 50. The higher the number, the more protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays is provided. Babies and young children should definitely get the highest available protection. If you go to the beach, make sure you get a brand that is waterproof. While it is not guaranteed to stay on all day, it will certainly provide more protection if you step into the ocean than one that does not. Another bit of helpful advice is to stay out of the sun during its peak hours, typically around noon and early afternoon. Because of the sun’s position, its rays are stronger and can potentially cause more damage. Lastly, wear some protective clothing if you can. A simple hat or a white shirt can do wonders to protect you even further.

Repair the Damage

If you have spent too many years in the sun, unaware of some of these risks, your skin may begin to look a little leathery, or certainly older than it should be. Fortunately, you can get treatments using an IPL machine, which can restore a youthful look to your skin. You should definitely take advantage of the opportunity, before your skin begins to look any older. If you combine these treatments with some of the helpful hints listed above to protect yourself from some of the damage the sun can inflict on your skin, you should be able to not only enjoy your summer days, but not look the worse because of it.

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