How Fake Teeth Are Getting Better And Worth Your Money

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How Fake Teeth Are Getting Better And Worth Your MoneyLet’s call them what they are — fake teeth. They are certainly way better than “no teeth,” as we know very well. All of us denture wearers have looked into the new implant technology and we wondered if we can afford them and whether they are worth the money and trouble.



Cost of Old Fashioned Dentures


First, let’s evaluate the cost of regular dentures. A full set can cost a few thousand dollars or more. There is a very wide difference in quality. The dentures are usually made in a dental lab. Dentists usually mark up the cost to them from a dental lab about 10 times.


Denture creams cost from $4 to $5 a tube and if your dentures no longer fit properly, you can easily use a tube a week, more than $250 a year. The adhesives make using dentures possible for many and the quality has certainly improved in the last few years.


Periodic denture relining costs money as well, a few hundred extra dollars.


Dentures don’t last forever. They can only be expected to last from five to 10 years, and then they must be replaced.


All this money for a product that is hardly top of the line. One dentist put it: you are not getting 32 teeth with a set of dentures, you’re getting two. One tooth on top and one tooth on the bottom. You have to learn to talk and eat all over again.



How Do Implants Work?


So, what about fake teeth implants? Yes, they cost a lot, about $20,000 on average. You will be paying not only your dentist and dental lab, but a surgeon, as well.


You will first have titanium implant posts put into your upper and lower jawbones. Once healed, your “fake teeth implants” can be snapped into place. That’s it. It will be a permanent dental solution.


Are Implanted Fake Teeth Worth the Cost and Trouble?


Let’s look at why you would want to invest in dental implants.


They look far more natural.


They are easier to use for speaking and eating.


They fit perfectly, never shifting or falling out of your mouth at the most embarrassing moments.


They last forever, with a failure rate of less than 5 percent.


The answer is yes. Fake tooth implants are pretty awesome and a great answer to the “no tooth” situation.

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