How Holistic Dentistry Differs from Traditional Dentistry

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Holistic dentistry is a practice that focuses on overall wellness and health of patients. Holistic dentists do not believe in only treating the teeth, but also believe that it is their responsibility to treat their patient’s minds and spirits. In other words, practitioners of holistic dentistry believe in taking care of the overall health of their patients, as opposed to only focusing on one aspect. This form of dentistry has received a lot of criticism, mainly because it is different. It is, therefore, imperative that we look at some of those aspects that make holistic dentistry different from traditional dentistry. Hopefully, by looking at the differences, you will be able to make a well informed decision as to which dental practitioner you prefer.

  • The biggest and probably most noticeable difference between the two types of dentistry is the focus on health. As has been noted, holistic dentistry does not only focus on the treatment of dental diseases, but rather goes on to ensure the patient’s overall health. This is as opposed to traditional dentistry that only focuses on the teeth.
  • Also notable is that holistic dentistry stresses the importance of preserving teeth. Traditional dentists are usually quick to recommend removing teeth in case of infections. On the other hand, holistic dentists believe that regardless of the disease of infection, teeth can always be saved and should, therefore, not be removed.
  • Unlike traditional dentistry, holistic dentistry focuses on preventing the occurrence of future cavities or diseases. This is unlike traditional dentistry that only focuses on the treatment of already existing dental diseases. A holistic dentist will make it his mission to ensure that his patients receive fewer cavities than they did before coming to him.
  • Also, notable is that, holistic dentists take the time to actually talk to and their patients. They usually offer advice about things like change in lifestyle and diet. They take the time to recommend changes in areas of their patient’s lives that they believe are having a negative impact on their dental health.
  • Holistic dentists usually take more precaution and care than traditional dentists. They do not expose their patients to unnecessary medical procedures or x-rays. They try t ensure that all dental instruments and materials used do not have any impact on their patient’s immune systems. Some holistic dentists have actually been known to design their offices in a way that caters for patients with allergies. For example, it is not uncommon to find purified water in a holistic dentist’s office, or special air cleaners. All this is done to ensure that the patient’s overall health is not compromised in any way, but that it is rather protected and preserved. This is of course as opposed to the office of a traditional dentist, where you will only find charts and photographs of the dental system.

Overall, holistic dentistry and traditional dentistry are not only different in practice, but they are also different as far as priorities are concerned.

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