How to Choose the Best Mats for Your Home Gym

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If you are in the process of putting some finishing touches on your home gym, definitely don’t forget to put some exercise mats on your “must have list”. The reason why is because there are actually quite a few benefits that come with using them during your workouts on a consistent basis.

Home GymExercise mats help to cushion your stance, they provide support to your joints and they also help to prevent you from slipping as you’re in the middle of doing your exercises. So as you can see, long gone are the days when exercise mats were reserved for yoga only. They are an essential tool for so many other kinds of exercises too.

So, how do you go about the process of choosing the kind of mats that will be best for your home gym? That’s a really good question. Below, we will share with you some of the kinds of mats that are best for the different kinds of workouts that you may plan to do.

Yoga mat or sleeping pad. If you do plan to use your home gym to do a lot of yoga or stretching exercises, then you will be able to do just fine with either a yoga mat or a sleeping pad. They are usually made out of a closed cell foam material and they’re lightweight and compact enough so that you can easily roll it back up and store it away in a closet or storage bin once you are done.

Foam-centered mats. For the kind of workout routines that will require that you spend a significant amount of time on the ground, you want a mat that will give your body the kind of cushioning that it needs. In most cases, this would be a mat that has a foam center as well as a vinyl cover around it. These kinds of mats are oftentimes used by wrestlers. One of the great things about them is the vinyl covering is hygienic in the sense that you can easily wipe off any sweat once you are done using it.

Heavy-duty rubber mats. Say that you want to do some weight training? If that’s the case, one particular kind of mat that you can probably find at a place like treadall gym flooring & gym mats is a heavy-duty rubber mat. The reason why these are ideal for weight training is due to the fact that they are heavier than a lot of gym mats and are good for if you want to keep a mat on your gym floor permanently (as opposed to rolling it up after each workout and storing it away). These kinds of mats are great in the sense that they give your feet some of the additional support that they need, which helps your body when lifting a lot of pounds. Also, if you happen to accidentally drop a weight, you can significantly reduce the chance of breaking it which means that rubber mats are safe for you as well as your dumbbells and other equipment. It’s definitely a great investment for any home gym.

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