How to eliminate Stretch Marks At Home?

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9633540_lStretch marks can make you feel inferior, uncomfortable or unequal especially when you are among other people. The sight of those lines running parallel to each other on your skin will definitely make you develop a kind of self hatred feeling and be a major source of discomfort to you. This is especially when you see none of your friends and close relatives having smooth skins. This is not a good feeling to have as it could easily kill your appetite for life.

However, this condition is not here to stay. You can get out of this situation in just a matter of months or even weeks depending on how your body reacts to treatment. Treating these stretch marks is quite an exercise. There are many forms of treatment you can administer on them such as specialized treatment that involves visiting a health facility for laser check up. Another method requires you to purchase over-the-counter drugs that you apply on the affected areas. These two methods are capital intensive as you will be required to cough out a substantial amount of money.

However, you don’t have to spend that much money when you can remove the stretch marks yourself. It is easy and you use readily available materials at home. Here are tips on how to remove stretch marks at home.

Water, water, water

One way of taking control of your stretch marks is by keeping your body well hydrated. A well hydrated body keeps many skin problems at bay. A well hydrated skin is able to maintain consistent detoxification of the skin pores. Hydrated skin is also responsible for maintaining skin elasticity which is key to removing stretch marks.

It is advisable to take water regularly every day. Health specialists recommend you take at least 10 glasses of water on daily basis. This will help keep your body hydrated at all times thus preventing some of these diseases that affect your skin.

Water will increase your skin elasticity. In case you put on sudden weight, the elasticity will be able to accommodate the bulging body thus will not lead to tearing.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is another home remedy you can use to contain your stretch marks. Lemon juice is acidic and is very effective at helping in healing of skin injuries. This juice will reduce the appearance of stretch marks by facilitating a faster healing of the broken dermis skin.

Here is how you use lemon juice to remove streaks from your skin

  • Cut a lemon fruit into to two or four pieces.
  • Gently rub the fresh lemon juice on to the affected areas on your skin.
  • When rubbing this juice, use circular motions for better penetration
  • Let this juice soak on to the skin for around 10 minutes
  • Wash it clean with lukewarm water

You can as well decide to use a carrier to mix with this lemon juice. You can mix lemon juice with cucumber juice. You then apply the mixture directly on the stretch marks. You will observe gradual improvements on the affected areas and this will go on as long as you are applying the lemon juice.

Olive oil

Olive oil is known to contain useful nutrients that are key to improving the stretch marks. Olive oil contains antioxidants and nutrients responsible for healing skin problems.

Follow these steps when using olive oil to remove stretch marks

  • Apply warm olive oil on to the stretch marks on your skin.
  • Rub or massage your skin when applying this oil
  • Let the oil soak into the skin for about half an hour. This will give enough time for vitamin A, D and E that are in the olive oil to get absorbed into the skin.

You can as well opt to mix olive oil with a carrier liquid such as water and vinegar. This will let your skin stay moisturized especially when applied as night cream.

If you really want to remove stretch marks without coughing out much money, you can follow these tips on how to remove stretch marks using readily available oils.

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