How to Get More Sleep at Night?

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It’s an ambition we’d all like to achieve – a good night of uninterrupted, comfortable sleep; but it’s not always easy if you live in a busy town or city, or have a lot on your mind.

Thankfully, there are several things you can do to help you drift off, and many of them are far from difficult, they might just need a little discipline.

Heat and Noise

Atmospheric conditions can play a big part in deciding how easily you get to sleep, as you’ll know if you’ve ever tried to sleep when the neighbors are having a party.

It’s not just noise that can cause problems; falling asleep when you’re very cold in winter, or very hot in summer, can be a seemingly impossible task.

The best solution generally is to make sure you get your bedroom to the right temperature during the day – by opening the windows to let heat out, or by having the radiator on if it’s cold.

When night-time arrives, you can then close the window to shut out any outside noise, without having to suffer an uncomfortable temperature because of it.

Have an ongoing sound within your bedroom to focus on that will help you to shut out distractions from elsewhere; some people prefer a metronome or ticking clock, while others might prefer to have music playing quietly throughout the night.

Wake-Up Call

It can be easier to get to sleep if you’re not worrying about waking up at the right time; investing in a good alarm clock lets you know that, however deeply you fall asleep, you will not miss the time at which you need to be up and about.

Mains-powered alarm clocks remove any concern that the battery might run out during the night, but you might also want to look for a model with a battery backup, just in case there’s a power cut during the night.

Some alarm clocks include a radio or MP3 player, which can come in useful if you like to fall asleep with music playing – they may also have a sleep function that will switch the music off after a set length of time, to avoid having it still playing when you wake up.

The Scent of Sleep

Freshly washed sheets add an extra dimension to going to bed, as they hold the scent of your favorite detergent or fabric conditioner.

No matter how often you change your sheets, this pleasant aroma will fade after the first night, making your bed gradually less appealing until your next laundry day.

You can help to overcome this by having air fresheners in your room, or even by spraying your preferred scent directly on to your bedding or pillow, to keep it smelling as you like it until you next change your linen.

Remember also to make your bed daily – it’s a chore that many of us do not relish having to do, but when you climb between the neatly tucked-in sheets each night, it will make your bed a much more pleasant place to be.

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